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I would assume everyone is up on this but if not get on Twitch and check out the music section. Been a great getaway during covid. Lots of great DJs doing regular weekly sets like Louie Vega, Questlove, Craze, Shortcut, Maseo (always high AF!) and so many more. Some great Latin and EDM dj's and a good way to check out DJs you haven't heard of or musical styles you don't know much about/want to see what's new.

and Timbalands beat school where he critiques beats sent in by viewers is comedy

Obviously tons of bedroom dorks just turning the music down every 3 sec (I HATE THAT DJ STYLE!) to beg chat for money but you can weed them out lol. Also a lot of people playing live music either covers or originals. The few of those I've checked have been pretty bad.


  • I have only dipped a toe into twitch, really, but for non-shitty live musicians I like charles jones:
    He has what they call a "golden voice". I'd listen to charles sing songs I hate, and enjoy it.

    I'm not sure I'd browse twitch for live musicians so much as take notice if a musician I already like from real music (like Charles) happens to jump on twitch.

    Blindboy from the Rubberbandits (remember "Horse Outside"? the Irish comedy duo?) does a frankly insane thing where he runs around in Red Dead Redemption, not really playing the game as it's meant to be played, but for inspiration to live-compose music tracks. He appears to have been doing this multiple hours a week for like a year(!).

    Aside from that I can't add to your list, other than a cosine on skratch bastid, whose enthusiasm is infectious.

  • dizzybulldizzybull Eerie Dicks 223 Posts
    I’m 100% a skratch Bastid fanboy. 

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    I just been watching Jazzy Jeff on Youtube. Wed lunch time and Friday house party has been keeping me sane and dancing around the lounge room.
    On a side note a bunch of EDM djs pop up on my feed randomly. Watching them play is so boring. One mix every 6-8 mins and then they dancing around the decks and twiddling knobs. 
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