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Just wondering how seriously people are taking it, in your necks of the woods?

Mum died with it, if not directly of it.  Lost my aunt and uncle in August of it.  Wife has lost her aunt last week to it.  X-amount of strains it seems, some of which are hardier than others.  I am walking for about an hour each day and keeping my distance, avoiding shopping as much as possible.  Yet there still is way more traffic on the roads than the first lockdown in March when you hardly saw any vehicles.

Shit really seems to be getting out of control here the the UK.  Neighbour is in ICU on a ventilator as I type.


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    Really sorry to hear about you mum and other family members. People here are going out but following protocols mostly by wearing masks, keeping distances as much as possible, and using lots of hand sanitizer etc. As with anything there are stupid people that won't wear masks but I try to avoid them. All in all people are trying to get on with their lives and can't be expected to stay at home indefinitely. Not everyone has the luxury of working remotely from home unfortunately. The supplies of vaccines are limited and even after getting it you're still required to wear a mask. I think this new normal is wearing thin on people. Beyond that, over time people have become complacent. Early on I was more mindful of using hand sanitizer after touching doors or any other common surfaces but I forget sometimes now. Things like that are contributing to the infection rate also maybe. 

  • My partner and I have been "locked down" since before lockdown thanks to having a kid at the beginning of 2020, and while it's wearing on me I try to remind myself by reading people's testimonies of what it's like getting and recovering from COVID to keep my behavior pretty safe. In my area of London it's definitely quieter but probably not as quiet as in the spring. I think fewer people are wearing masks or trying to leave a wide margin when jogging around you on the street. Every day I pass by a luxury estate agent office with glass walls to the sidewalk, RAMMED with 10-15 maskless people doing the absolutely crucial work of trying to hock shitty developments on the banks of the Thames to foreign oligarchs. It's unreal, definitely illegal at the moment, right? And they're down the block from a massive police station. I know it's likely they're having to go in and risk it all for real estate because of demands from some psychotic boss, but it still makes me want to pound on the glass and shout at them that their jobs are the number one most remote-able work on the planet. You do not need to be in a storefront with all your heavy breathing homies to make phone calls and upload listings. Jesus.

    I don't know anyone personally who's died from it, but I don't have a massive social circle or family. Neighbors I don't know well seem to be dying more than normal, and our families are scattered among different countries with different conditions, so my biggest worry is my American family - my folks are extremely vulnerable but my dad's been able to work from home and my mom's retired, so they've been hermits all year.

    But I do have a lot of friends who either got it already or are currently isolating - roomie tested positive, etc. A whole family, multiple generations, a schoolteacher (even though she's teaching remotely), lots of relatives. Nobody's croaked as my peers are pretty young, but I know my anxiety about this, and can only imagine what it's like for the many older folks around me.
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    My family and I are doing what we can to avoid Covid while trying to remain sane.  I've pushed the envelope a few times by going to record stores 4x and week and having a few dinner parties over the holidays.  That said, cases here in the northeast US have exploded since Fall.  I still don't know anyone who died from it yet.  Folks, please take your supplements.  Vitamin D3, C, Quercetin, Zinc...  The media and doctors sweep that shit under the rug.  Along with masking up and social distancing, it's your best defense.

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    Damn. Sorry to read all the pain caused by COVID to everyone. Jimster stay safe out there. I know a number of people around the world who have gotten it (Including in the UK) and every single one of them who recovered tell how terrible it is. On my end a small challenge was we sold our place and bought/moved to a new home during all this. Which was only slightly stressful compared to people who really had covid fuck with their loved ones. My biggest stress comes from work... As soon as this hit my work sent me a letter deeming my job "essential". So I've been working half from work and half from home during all this. Not worried so much about myself. I really just don't want to bring it home with me to my wife and 3 year old. Also, it's painful to see many people you care about losing their job or being laid off. Which leads to anger anytime I see people complain about wearing a mask.

    In any case. Stay safe everyone. All the best from TO.


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    Just before we went into the March 2020 lockdown, a friend of mine DJ'd a night with four other DJs.  They kind of had the concern of Covid at the back of their minds but again, didn't personally know anyone with it.

    A couple of weeks later, 4 of them had it.  Of those 4, one died, another had a series of heart attacks with it on the ventilator, but he and the other 2 came out of it alive but still worse for wear.  My friend was the only one OK.

    My friend is also a doctor and was on rum and coke (coca cola) whereas they were not drinking, and he knew that the alcohol would kill the virus in his throat.  That saved him!

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    That was an early thought of mine when this first hit. DJ's, musicians, comedians, etc etc etc. People who travel city to city around the world being around lots of people. My friend in the UK who got it DJ's all over. I'm positive the majority of people will never know exactly who or how. But it's fucked for people who make a living by entertaining and not being able to make a living. But then how do you make a living worried about dying?

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    My uncle passed away back in May. His health had gone downhill pretty quick over the past couple years though, he was bedridden and developed pneumonia, they checked him into the hospital just as covid was starting to blow up in São Paulo. I'm pretty sure he got infected in the ICU, because for the first couple weeks they kept testing him and it would come back negative. Crazy part is that my aunt, who's also in her 80s, was by his side at the hospital until they actually diagnosed him with covid, but she's fine. My wife's great aunt and great uncle also died from it, at least we're pretty sure that's what it was. They were in a retirement home that I think got hit pretty hard but were trying to avoid saying it was covid.

    Back in April I was just about set up here in Los Angeles and getting ready to find an apartment and bring my wife and daughter up from Brazil, that whole plan has been fucked. I wound up going back to Brazil for a few months until my money ran out, then came back to LA to keep working. Now I finally got an apartment here, we're just waiting for the vaccine to start in Brazil so my wife can get that, she's a health worker so she'll be on the first group once it starts. Still a nightmare though because you never know to what extent the colostomy bag occupying the president's office in Brazil is willing to go to fuck this up, just as he's fucked up every other step along the way so far. Hopefully by the end of february they'll be up here with me, but at this point it's been almost six months since I've seen my daughter. The only upside is that work has been pretty chill, film editing is about as socially distant a job as you can get. I've been going in to the production office to edit, but I'm the only one there. My producer comes in for a few hours to check in, the director is in his 70s so we've been talking via zoom most of the time. Having free tests here in LA helps too, I get tested regularly just to be on the safe side.

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    I've never caught it and I do what I can to keep it that way. Aside from the usual precautions, I take multivitamins and drink almost a gallon of water a day. Perhaps my regular consumption of hot sauce strong enough to strip paint and the fact that I rarely get sick with anything works in my favor. My social circle is small, I live alone and my warehouse job; which has stayed open and maintains steady business, thankfully, keeps me away from the other six people who work there. Also, the lazy ass, chronically unhealthy coworker who occupied the same office room as mine has been gone since March. He uses the virus as an excuse to collect a paycheck "working from home", giving me the freedom to listen to whatever I want as loud as I want. I too have been taking advantage of the free testing in Los Angeles. 

    However, the owners of the company, a 90-something married couple, tested positive the weekend before last. They also have been staying home since the beginning of the year. According to the grandson who works with me, he says that they're "doing fine", whatever that means exactly. Apparently, they most likely caught it from their physical therapist, who tested positive, yet the dumbshit wasn't in a rush to let them know. The husband supposedly overcame not only pneumonia but prostate cancer as well a few years ago. I'm amazed that he's still alive.

    No one in my remaining family has had it. However, a few of my mother's coworkers (slightly larger company which employs HVAC repairmen and contractors who go to and from job sites) had/have it with moderate symptoms, so it worries her. She's a strict vegan and very healthy, but she rightly fears giving it to her husband, who has emphysema. Their neighbor, who previously was a denier, has a son in his early 30s who caught it in early summer. He used to install alarms and audio/visual equipment in other people's homes. 

    Hoping the best for everyone!
    Beatnick Dee

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    My immediate family hadCovid in March 2020. My wife is a pedantic intensive care consultant (attending for you US folks) and she probably brought it home from work. She was unwell for about two weeks with temperature and muscle aches but has been fine since; our then 11 year old daughter had a temperature for literally a day but lost her sense of taste and smell for more than three months; our then 15 year old daughter had no symptoms, which might be because she is a super fit athlete. I went down with incredible pain in my body and a temperature of between 39.5-41C (103-106F) for a full three weeks. I slept between 15-20 hours per day during those weeks. My condition deteriorated until my wife called the ambulance when I had some serious breathing problems. After some oxygen in the hospital I felt better and my blood oxygen levels were OK. They diagnosed pneumonia on top of the infection and gave me antibiotics which over the following five days made a significant difference. On my birthday in April I felt OK again for the first time in a month but it still took time to regain my strength. I had lost six kilos (one good thing...) and have been more active over the summer / fall using the time I have due to WFH and not commuting. Winter weather is a bummer though as I hate skating on wet roads and I’ve put the weight back on again. A lot of people ask me about Long Covid symptoms but I am generally OK or possibly in denial as I hesitate to attribute slightly increased joint pains to it and blame a family history of rheumatism and arthritis. I do need more sleep though, which in my case means probably more “normal” amounts as I previously was “burning the candle on both ends” as colleagues would say. One noticeable change: I never used to remember dreams in the mornings. Now I am conscious of them almost every day. Weird stuff....

    I’ve been donating plasma for Covid patients every few weeks since June as my antibody levels are good. 

    The kids are coping so-so with the home schooling situation. The younger one seems OK now but in the first lockdown suffered enormously from the lack of social interaction. The older one is putting on a brave face and sticks to her training regime as much as possible. She is a rower and apart from a brief period after the summer hasn’t been in a boat in ages and hasn’t had a race since the previous season. She was aiming for a scholarship to a US college but has cancelled all those plans due to a mix of concerns about sports scholarships being withdrawn and a mix of concerns about the handling of Covid at US universities and the general US political situation. 

    My wife’s paediatric ICU has now for the second time been cleared of all children to make space for adult patients who need intensive care. They are very busy and I dare say that having been an intensive care doctor who has had to deal with life and death on a daily basis for decades helps dealing with the situation. Other doctors and nurses who don’t normally deal with patients who might or might not make it do not cope as well. 

    My wife has not been given a vaccination yet, which is pretty bad in principle but tolerable in her individual case as she has antibodies from her own infection last year. 

    We both have parents in their late 70s / early 80s who are sheltering at home. Both in-laws need home care and I am very surprised that the visiting carers have not brought the virus into the house. However, mother-in-law had to go into hospital before Christmas for other reasons. She was tested for Covid every other day and was initially Covid free but then tested positive in the first week of January, so she caught it from staff in hospital. She’s asymptomatic so far. 

    Amongst our 250 staff at work we’ve had some infections but no transmissions amongst those who work on site (warehouse staff etc.) which I take as evidence that our strict social distancing, cleaning and hygiene regime is working. Not so sure about the discipline outside work amongst those who have been WFH since March as I know that people had BBQs etc. before it got cold. 

    I still get asked by some colleagues whether I thought that Covid was as serious as flu and I had people comparing it to their glandular fever... 

    I noticed a peculiar attitude amongst some British staff who (unlike the majority of European colleagues) seem to try and find loopholes in and (un)reasonable excuses to not apply whatever restrictions are in place  I had to spend an unreasonable amount of managerial time to explain why they can’t visit customers or hold Christmas dinners etc. It was unexpected for me to witness a really odd attitude of them trying to make their case by quoting from (incorrect) newspaper articles rather than checking official government websites for rules. 

    Amongst relatives of employees we had about half a dozen deaths that I know of but if anything that’s obviously an underestimation. 

    We had slightly more than half a dozen resignations from people wanting / needing to be closer to their families and consequently moved back to their country of origin. We have about 100 staff who are not originally from the U.K. and many have not seen their family back home since Christmas 2019. We have a few who are currently abroad as they have family members on life support, some since before Christmas. Under “normal” circumstances they would come back to the U.K. by now and prepared to leave again if there was a significant change to the better or worse, but with travel rules and restrictions constantly changing and airlines cutting down flight schedules more and more, some people feel stuck abroad, especially given that more and more countries would not let them back in coming from the U.K.  

    Amongst the few who went home for Christmas to see their families literally everybody had their booked return journey back to the U.K. cancelled, altered and delayed.  

    The Financial Times reported yesterday: 

    “Coronavirus has caused an exodus of immigrants from the UK, triggering what is likely to be the largest fall in Britain’s population since the second world war, according to a new statistical analysis of official data.

    A blog published by the government-funded Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCOE) on Thursday estimated that up to 1.3m people born abroad left the UK between the third quarter of 2019 and the same period in 2020.


    In London alone, almost 700,000 foreign-born residents have probably moved out, the authors of the blog calculated, leading to a potential 8 per cent drop in the capital’s population last year.”

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