OG Czech - Sextant?

hey all - anyone with an OG of Herbie's Sextant to hand?

Mine has a thin card sleeve, not the heavier 'tip-on' style which all the other Columbia stuff in '73 seems to have.

Had this for years and only just noticed listening to it this weekend. Discogs not much help, apart from with codes, label designs, run-outs etc. Loads of versions of this.....

The thinness (and whiteness) of the sleeve is making me think it's a late 90's reish, but it isn't glossy like they all were. The inner sleeve is also remarkably white and with the rounded corners, which is what I was used to seeing in the 90's.  

Also, the sales history on Popsike - there is one seller who commented that this title never came out with the heavy jacket. Strange if that's true. Wonder if Columbia wasn't putting much money behind the band at this time? It's the 3rd and final Mwandishi before the Headhunters sound kicks in.


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,060 Posts
    I just picked up a copy recently, mine is definitely not a 90s reish - I got it at an estate sale and everything there was from the 60s and 70s, nothing from the 90s. As far as I can tell it's not a tip-on cover - you just mean the type where the back is pasted on right? Maybe Columbia was switching over around that time?

  • RishanRishan 448 Posts
    yeah, the paste on ones. 

    I checked some other '73 Columbia's and they have those covers - even my Sun Goddess raer in '74 has it!
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