Bomba Tropical

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Does anyone know whether there is a CD reissue of Enrique Lynch Y Su Conjunto ‎– Bomba Tropical available in Peru?

Does anyone have this album available as a quality rip?


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  • YemskyYemsky 600 Posts
    Thank you for the tip. The link gives me a "403 forbidden" message. 
    I have never been on Soulseek before but just signed up. (I have downloaded just about nothing.... ever....) All search results for Enrique Lynch Bomba Tropical have a padlock in front of them. Does that mean I need to share something first (that was the initial greeting in the app....) or does it mean the user who has it is offline?

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    Link still works for me - maybe you have some sort of firewall thing?  

    Welcome to Soulseek! The padlock means that the user isn't sharing those files freely.  You'd need to message them and see if there's something they want in trade - ?? 
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