Anyone living in Japan? (I am)

yuichiyuichi Urban sprawl 11,324 Posts
Just wanted to connect with like-minded folks. 


  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,588 Posts
    What's up Yuichi!  It's nice to see you back on here again.  

    Where are you in Japan?  I had an extensive Japan trip scheduled for last April that was sadly cancelled due to Corona.  I intend to visit next spring if all goes well. 

  • yuichiyuichi Urban sprawl 11,324 Posts
    Whatup Raj.  I'm right in the middle of it all, Tokyo....the clusterfuck lol  
    Word man.  If you ever need tips in Tokyo or have  time for a beer, hit me up anytime.  

    I was also planning a rural tour with activities like fishing and nature walks, but I haven't been able to hook up with
    my tour guide in Iwate Prefecture (take pics for my website, etc.)  I'm gonna get back on it, as soon as Corona settles down...
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