Betty Wright

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Another one gone!?! As a teenager when I first started collecting, I remember buying "Danger High Voltage" at the thrift because I thought she was so beautiful with that dress and fro. 66 is too early. Damn cancer. She said in her Unsung episode that she was working on new stuff. I'm glad to have seen her perform here a few years ago when I had the chance.



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    Just heard. RIP to a remarkable woman.

  • I saw a clip of her on the Jools Holland new years eve countdown live show in the UK in like 2013, absolutely kicking ass on this song in, if anything, taller high heels than this clip, 40 years after it hit. What a hell of a performer and a young age to go.

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    Took a little much needed break from the internet. Missed out on the passing of Soul Sister Betty Wright. 

    It's sad to think that musically we are so far away from artists like this now. Music is more electronic, and songwriting is more watered down. Songs about Love, Self Respect and Dignity got no place in this era. Which for me begs the question are we progressing or regressing? 

    Betty Wright is the epitome of SOUL music. Her music is a time capsule of a beautiful moment in history. Sad to see her go.

    - Ego

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    Damn shame.  I knew the songs from waaay back but never realised she was only 66.  
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