Any do-gooder around who has a Paypal account and some time to spare?

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After trying all my friends and some random fb contacts I thought why not take this to the Strut as a last resort...

I've been trying to kick start a micro quarantine food drive for my friend Amadou in Conakry, Guinea to provide some 10 households of 7-10 people with weekly rations of groceries, water, charcoal etc. One such ration would cost around $50. The idea was to hope for people to make individual payments of $60 which should cover Paypal and money order fees to get the cash to Guinea and transportation to buy the stuff and distribute. Each package would be personalized with the Whatsupp number of the giver so people know this isn't some sort of a scam and that the money gets where it's supposed to. Even the poorest families have at least one household member with a phone so getting in touch wouldn't be a problem. If the givers post the pics they receive from the family they help out and perhaps a few words on their social media this "could" become sustainable or perhaps even snowball a bit. If this would only work 2-3 times it would already make a huge difference for at least a few people, anything is better than nothing.

Amadou has worked for a US based NGO on the front lines of Guinea's Ebola crisis 6 years ago. The NGO has since been mostly dismantled due to budget cuts of the Trump regime but Amadou still has high quality masks, visor, gowns, gloves etc. He also has all the knowledge and routine needed to do this work safely and efficiently. Due to their experience with Ebola Guineans are super aware and disciplined about the quarantine but they have already been at home for a few weeks now. Guinea counts to the worlds 5 poorest countries and people are out of food in their homes.

What I'm asking is for somebody to volunteer to pool individual $60 payments on their Paypal account and then send a money order to Amadou. I can't do this, I shut down my Paypal account 4 years ago and haven't had a bank account in 25 years. I would prefer for this to be Amadou's thing and for me to stay out of it after the initial run of 10 deliveries. I will pay for the first 10 rations to try and get the whole thing rolling and for Amadou to document what he wants to do. Of course there's also a good chance it won't roll and just fall flat on its face. I can imagine that not too many people might have an easy enough life right now to have the time and disposable income for this. Someone with a Paypal debit card could do the whole thing including the money order online, at least that's what I read someplace.

Conakry has many thousands of infected and sick, nobody knows how many, the government has been lying and providing no or false numbers about their dead for decades and during every crisis which usually have been socio-political. On top of everything, Guinea has for months been in a period of political upheaval. The president and his party are in the process of changing the constitution to be able and secure a third term and there have been loads of violent demonstrations with wide spread abuses and arbitrary arrests. Now the prisons are being ravaged by Covid.

Conakry's electrical system is folding. A large Turkish ship had anchored in Conakry's harbor until a few days ago to provide the city with power from it's generators. Due to the high risk of infection that ship has sailed now and most people are without power. In addition the rainy season has just started and for the next 5 months Conakry's tap water will be laced with all sorts of fecal bacteria, Cholera, Yellow Fever, TBC and Hepatitis, all of which are endemic to the region. Conakry's water pipes are porous, the sewage system is mostly open and the rains are unbelievably powerful (Conakry is the "wettest" capital city on earth). Low lying streets and whole neighborhoods become flooded for weeks. This means that the ground is so saturated with rain water and untreated sewage that the pressure at water pipe level has the contaminated sludge enter the pipes. During the often days long periods when the city doesn't deliver water the pipes fill with air and the pressure meant to keep the contamination out is zero. Bottled water, the only clean water available is a luxury for most and for many this luxury is now completely out of reach. The virus is also being detected in sewage. I don't think there are any studies but I would be surprised if this disease that spreads so aggressively would not infect people through contaminated water and this is what Guineans will have to drink.

The thin societal layer of the "rich" (Guinea has no real middle class) are brought to military camp Alpha Yaya. This camp has for many years been notorious for being split in several groups. There were multiple periods with weeks of heavy, sustained gun battles from 2005-'08 alone back when I used to live there. I asked Amadou if this wouldn't be a recipe for disaster and he agreed, the last big shootout happened just a month ago during which a lot of military died, even upper ranks... Guinea is a fucked up place my friends... So anyway, this is where the sick rich get dumped, the poor aka everybody else who gets sick goes to the state owned and run Donka hospital. I'm very familiar with this place, they discontinue with medicating as soon as patients run out of cash. All patients or their families need to pay before the patient gets treated. As soon as there's no cash anymore, treatment is terminated. The hospital is so corrupt that they are blacklisted by most relief organizations and doesn't receive any international aid. Neglected, starving and sick people flee from Donka by the hundreds. About 500 this week alone so far according to local radio.

For compensation Amadou might even be able to put on his hazmat suit and get you some Syliphone dead stock out of a secret cache near Conakry's Marché Niger.



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    Man, I don't use PAYPAL but I feel the STRUT could def make this happen. Let's pull it together boys!

    - spisey

  • Likewise, Paypal fucked me one too many times when I was moving countries all the time... haven't had one since 2012. Best of luck to your man Amadou and to the long suffering people of Guinea, god damn, what a situation.

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    Yo FRANK,

    Any word on this project G?

    - Diego
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