Hello everyone! Need advice from the pros in the music :)

I am a novice beatmaker from Russia. Not so long ago, I began to master this skill
I am here to meet and learn more about musical tips and tricks.
I want to ask the pros for advice: what services do you use to promote your tracks?
Soon I plan to finish the first track and I can not decide what to do with it further.


  • Hello!
    Himself recently asked this question. You can, of course, do everything yourself - upload to streaming platforms, monitor everything. The same applies to post processing - mastering and mixing. But this is a huge waste of time.
    There are a bunch of sites where all this can be done quickly and relatively inexpensively. I tried several services and so far I have stopped at theamadei.com. There are pros and cons, as elsewhere, but so far everything suits me.
    Test different services, choose what is most convenient for you and use.
    I wish you creative success

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    This is kinda funny. One post user asking a question that a one post user responds to. Seems like a long effort to spam that site again.

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    I want to ask the pros for advice:

    More cowbell.

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