Jordan Peele, Yay or Nay?

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I had a long argument about the merit of Jordan Peele. It came down to this video. 

Now, I can understand the hate for Key and Peele in a post-Chappelle era. However, should we even be debating comedians? Can't we all personally choose to just laugh, or not laugh? I think this dude is funny, and his movies are intelligent. 

If you wanta disagree. Fight me?

- spidey


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    I don’t think that skit was necessary when the og can be watched on YouTube, but I’m a big fan of his work solo (Get Out - brilliant!), and with Key.

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    Us looks promising.

  • I think loads of their sketches are funny - I haven't seen Get Out but obviously the guy's got talent. There's absolutely an argument to be made that (like the JB video above/Chappelle's show) some comedy reads as well to a racist audience as its intended audience, but Peele obviously is engaging with this stuff throughout his work. I mean, am I mistaken that Get Out is kind of about performatively useless white ally-ship?

    And yeah I don't think you can use that as a rule of thumb to condemn works of comedy (or whatever) considering the fact that every satire ever has had dumbasses think it's glorifying what it satirizes; e.g. the number of people who think The Wolf of Wall Street is about a real cool dude who has a lot of fun.

    So yeah I dunno about debating comedians. I've laughed at some pretty raw shit. Except Roy Chubby Brown can drown in piss. That dude is the David Duke of standup and his popularity explains how the Brexit vote happened better than anything else.

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    Now, I can understand the hate for Key and Peele in a post-Chappelle era. 

    What is the understandable hatt?

    Yeah, I came here to post Continental Breakfast as well: 

    Get Out is really enjoyable.  So yeah, looking forward to Us.

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    I mean, am I mistaken that Get Out is kind of about performatively useless white ally-ship?

    I think the whole concept with Get Out went over most of the audiences heads, but I'm also surprised that it was so well received. I'm actually excited for his take on The Twilight Zone. 

    It also looks like Jordan Peele was also behind BlacKKKlansman:

    - Spidey

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    I used to work with Jordan. He is the epitome of a Good Dude. Back in Amsterdam in the early 00s at an american improv comedy club called Boom Chicago. Jordan was a cast member for a few years, I was a bartender. Jordan smoked more weed than any of us and that was a fuckin accomplishment in itself.
    I have never known anyone to be so fucking electrifyingly funny on stage, and so quiet, humble and almost shy offstage. I spent many a night tending bar while a very stoned Jordan sat at the end quietly keeping me company and drinking water.
    We had a halloween party once and he came dressed a Blade - fucking killer costume.

    All these years later I can't believe that that good dude is where he is at now. He is truly deserving of all the accolades, fame and $$$ that's coming his way. Just a solid dude.

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    Oh and,

    That JB skit clip - The woman in that video is Nicole Parker. Also an ex Boom Chicago cast member. She once won a serious Battle Rap competition at a club in Amsterdam. I was there, absolutly fucking hilarious. 

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