Eric Dolphy, Black Jazz Records and Memphis soul funk 45s

Eric Dolphy "out there"
New Jazz 8252 NJLP 8252
Doug Carn "infant eyes"
Black Jazz Records
A4RS-3428 A4RS-3429
cover vg+
record vg+

Rudolph Johnson "spring rain"
Black Jazz Records
BJ OVBJ/4-A-②  BJ OVBJ/4-B-② cover vg+record vg+

Otis Redding and Carla Thomas "king and queen"

ST-STX-66973 ST-STX-66974




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    What are you looking for?


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    Memphix(Express Rising and any of the 45s )

    Jimmy Smith Root Down 

    Liquid liquid

    Sly and the in San Francisco

    A numark or portable turntable.....

    24carat Ghetto Misfortune lp

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    What is BOT .please forgive my ignorance

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    Ee finks yur a programme, aye mate? Sent ta monk-up the worx. Maybe mess wif elections.

    Iz u Bot or Bro?


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