Your Favorite Anthology?

For those of you with several greatest hits lp's,do you have a favorite? for me it's The Temptations collection of hits.


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    for me it's a lee perry anthology that chronologically starts with his first tracks and ends in the late seventies.

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  • One of my favorites is the Anthology of American Folk Music from the legendary record collector Harry Smith. I don't personally have an original copy, but it helped inspire the Folk Revival of the 50's as well as display some of the best early blues and country music(at that point in time referred to as Race Music and Hillbilly Music respectively, marketing terms created by Ralph Peer of Peer Records).  People like the Carter Family, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Mississippi John Hurt were given a new generation of listeners

    One of the interesting aspects is that Harry mixed the two previously separate genres into one anthology, highlighting their common sounds and common origins. Critic Greil Marcus also famously referred to it as representing "old, weird, America", reminding us that what may now be anachronistic was novel and exotic at the time of early American music.
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