Who Do You Like Best-Beatles or The Beach Boys?

While both are classic groups do you have a preference? for me it's the rocking California beach sounds of the Beach Boys.


  • RhythmGJRhythmGJ Buffalo, NY 182 Posts
    Both were great, but hands-down it's The Beatles if a "choice" is necessary...


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,117 Posts
    For me the Beatles had much more variety.

  • deezleedeezlee 295 Posts
    Least favorite bands ever

  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 342 Posts
    Beatles all day. The Beach Boys were significant to American music history, but the Beatles conpletely changed the game. Plus, the Beatles had a greater catalogue of incredible songs.
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