WANTED: Honey & The Bees - Love Addict (Arctic) 45 not the Jap repress thanks. All the £££s waiting.

Not a lot more to be said apart from I need this record! I want to play it next weekend!
Thanks people

Andre / oneofakind


  • just play the repress mang!

  • just play the repress mang!

    Ha....nah, not my thing. I'll wait............snore!

  • djtopcatdjtopcat Seattle WA The 206 294 Posts
    Hmm let's see $30 vs $600.
    I've never understood smug djs who insist on playing expensive records at gigs when there are replaceable reissues to play if something bad happens.
    What happens if some drunk chick comes up and spills her sugary drink on your super expensive 45 at the venue you are spinning? Then you got yourself a nice discount rare soul frisbee! I've watched it happen many times...

  • You can even do that bambaataa skullduggery and switch/photocopy/paste-over labels if you have a crowd of elite heads hovering over the tables you need to keep in their place. I get wanting to OWN an original raer personally (not enough to pay what most originals are going for, but I understand it in theory), but to play out? Just lie to whatever one dude is there who is even aware that the record is rare or has been reissued, and say you're playing the OG. No honor. I will sample off youtube. I will fake mardi gras without the bells using the latest and greatest waveform photoshopping software. I will tell you Large Pro produced T.R.O.Y. and I know cause I was there, fuck it. Take a page from Biz Markie's book. It's funner and funnier.

  • So thats a no then.
    I'll take my smug ass off and hopefully locate a copy.....one day. Until then there is 1000's of other records I would like. No drama.
    Is it not just ok that some people only want to play and collect the originals? I don't get what gets peoples backs up!? If you want to sample off Youtube - cool! Do your thing. That's YOUR thing. MY thing is playing original copies. 
    If I wasn't that fussed I'd just play everything off my Serato rather than travel with a 200 x 45 bag but that's not what I enjoy.
    Keep on keeping on - whatever it is you like doing just don't be a cunt when doing it. 

  • Like I said, I get wanting to own and listen to originals, I guess playing them out with the risk factors involved seems a bit destructive for a largely symbolic act.

    Anyway don't worry, I haven't got a copy of it I could sell you even if I wanted to, it's just an interesting thing you bring up. I'd go see a DJ who spins all originals - I might not care if he snuck some represses in though.

  • KineticKinetic 3,738 Posts
    People arguing over originals vs reissues?

    Welcome back Soul Strut.... welcome back.

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