Sample ID help please! 2 samples that are driving me crazy ...

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Hello All
I hope all is well and its cool to post this plea.
I have been busy digitising my tape collection- a loooong task, 
random recordings off of the radio, old UK hiphop stuff and some old DJ mixes of my own from the 90s (which truth be told didnt sound as slick as I probably thought they sounded at the time....

I have found these two samples that I have no idea where they are from and its driving me insane!
can anyone help?
any assistance would be seriously really appreciated!

big up
and thanks




  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,149 Posts
    Hey dude - welcome!

    I had a listen but neither of them are familiar to me. I like the first one though! Hope somebody comes through for you with that one (;

  • Cheers!
    well if I can't find it- I might have to remake it and turn it into a track myself (!) 
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