Mix Of Short Beats

http://soundcloud.com/dioscuris    Summer 16 mix, my first and only Sound cloud post.

I 'd like to hear some rhymes with these anyone know a good place to post to find mcs?  Anyway let me know if anyone likes any of these.


  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,110 Posts
    Listening to this, and enjoying...  buuuut, really not sure how well these will work with an MC. To me this is Stones Throw territory, Madlib-esque, and some are simply chill interludes. Maybe if you layered some fat Skull Snaps or 808 hits over them and changed the dynamic. I dunno, I don't even listen to raps anymore.

  • Yeah I'd agree - these are pretty enjoyable to listen on their own and it'd take a special MC to fit well on a lot of these. I wouldn't suggest reworking the samples to harder, more rappable beats, but as you make more stuff trying to keep distinct the beats you feel will be enhanced by vocals and what is made to be listenable on its own, which there's nothing wrong with!
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