Help me navigate the world of Acoustic AM Gold

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I love it when you find these chains to explore... recently I picked up John Culliton Mahoney's album from 1973, which has the song Summer Love

Googling him I found an eBayer listing his album likening it to Michael Gately and Alzo

So now I love Michael Gately's two albums on Janus, 'Still around' and 'Gately's Cafe'. Can be had dirt cheap

I'd put these two artists in the same bracket as Batteaux... It's acoustic guitars but with a jazzy, funky sensibility. Often a smattering of Wurlitzer or Fender Rhodes, the odd sax-solo. My shit, basically

Next to the Numero compilation WTNG 89.9FM. Full of amazing obscurities in this genre. Their press release namechecks a few artists that each have lengthy back catalogues;

Dan Hill
Loggins and Messina
Seals and Croft

Believe it or not I know none of these artists other than by name. Have skipped over their records in charity shops/goodwill for years. Presumably each of these artists only has a few golden albums? Any recommendations on the ones to check?

Also, other names, other names... Recent discoveries are Jubal, Mark Almond, Podipto, Jimmie Spheeris, Nick DeCaro...

Please to give me teh knowledgez

No bona fide yacht rock please, I'm mainly up on that post-1976 stuff


  • Just get the Seals and Crofts Best Of, that's all you need.

    I assume you know Simon And Garfunkel.

    America kinda sucks.

    This is worth checking, though not so easy to find cheap:

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    Thanks man, been ploughing through Spotify- best S&C album seems to be Diamond Girl for my criteria, everything else a one or two-tracker
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