Soul Strut 100: # 73 - Bob James - One

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I will slowly be unveiling the Top 100 Soul Strut Related Records as Voted by the Strutters Themselves.

# 73 - Bob James - One

Please discuss your reactions to this record. The thread will be archived later here.


This was one of those beginning beat digger and sample collector records that everyone used to hunt down. Most copies must still be sitting in those people???s collections because I don???t see this record out in the field like I use to. Between this and James??? other well-known record Two, this is the superior product. First up is the haunting Valley Of The Shadows that has some strong keys playing by James and blaring horns at times in between moody interludes. At the very end though if falls off the deep end. Night On Bald Mountain has some interesting parts by James, but overall is a failure as a funky Jazz Fusion number with too many cheesy parts to make up for the good. Next is actually a good piece of mellow Soul-Jazz in Feel Like Making Love. The best tune however is the ending Nautilus as it???s the most consistent from beginning to end with the keys and drum intro that leads into the syncopated main verse with the guitar, and a nice breakdown in the middle. /

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  • finelikewinefinelikewine "ONCE UPON A TIME, I HAD A VINYL." 1,416 Posts
    Nautilus is one of the most perfect songs I can imagine.

    Added to the soulstrut top 100 @ spotify:

  • DustedDonDustedDon 830 Posts
    finelikewine said:
    Nautilus is one of the most perfect songs I can imagine.


  • leonleon 883 Posts
    Digging 101. For me an introduction to CTI and their roster bitd. Also the reason i like everyones version of Feel like making love. I still really like the album and always pick up an upgrade from the current copy.

  • fishmongerfunkfishmongerfunk 4,154 Posts
    I seem to recall "soulero" as being one of the better tracks on there...the same core band recorded on Roberta flacks "feel like making love" and Eugene mcdaniels' "natural juices".....

  • CinisterCeeCinisterCee 863 Posts
    Love that cover art.

    Reminded me of that pic with Damu The Fudgemunk t'shirt and repping like 5 copies.

  • CinisterCeeCinisterCee 863 Posts
    This month, Prince Paul posted a piece he did early aughties with BJ material

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,764 Posts

    I'd love Prince Paul to make an entire mix like this. Great vibes.

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts

    It's great to see Bob James's "One" LP repped on the Soul Strut 100 list. This is LP is a childhood favorite of mine, and while "Nautilus" was my joint, "Feel Like Making Love" is THE track off this LP for me. I liked it so much, I had to sample it here back in the early 90s (the main joint with the sample follows the interlude).

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    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • disco_chedisco_che 1,115 Posts
    Can't even remember when was the last time I put that on but at the same time it's sure as hell I would never let that record go.

  • LoopDreamsLoopDreams 1,195 Posts
    This record is context 101

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    How does the Lionhead doorknob or fountain spout whatever represent ONE?

    I get the others but.

  • tripledoubletripledouble 7,636 Posts
    doing some computer writing and listening to bob james in the background right now. caribbean nights just came on...its off a later album, but just typifies how dope Bob James arrangements can be

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,764 Posts
    Still being sampled.

  • I want that T-shirt.

  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York City. 2,136 Posts
    ..paging Soulman Phill, he should know about these shirts....

  • doisndoisn baleadas&pupuzas 303 Posts
    would love to rock this shirt too, plus to have a NM copy of this to replace my battered one. anyone?
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