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BOB AZZAM & The GREAT EXPECTATIONS , is this record good besides Rain Rain Go Away? I was checking popsike and it looks like it came down in price, copies in 2009 were going for under $100.


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    is this record good besides Rain Rain Go Away?

    Is "Rain Rain Go Away" even good?? Isn't it just a tepid blue-eyed soul cover
    of an awesome Lee Dorsey song that just happens to have a good drumbreak in it?

  • your right, but if i can get it cheap i would like to pick the lp

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    good record. rain rain is awesome!

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    well.. those drums are pretty tasty!!!!!!

  • I do not think the Original Swedish press is over-rated but all other issues over-priced, yes.
    Canadian, US, French issues are pretty common compared to the Swedish press.
    And It's a good record IMO, not only for its drums breaks.

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    I like the album as a whole. It has its moments but of coarse I bought it for "Rain, Rain..". Definitely not worth the $200-300 I've seen it go for past.

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    Is "Rain Rain Go Away" even good??

    Hell Yeah!

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    I like the "Mon Amour" track.

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    I actually haven't heard the whole album, so I was curious about the original
    question myself, just to be clear. But, break aside, which version kills the other?

    Lee Dorsey =

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    That's no contest, really.

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    i check for this reasonably often and have never seen it go under 150 ish, its a great sounding drum though

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    i'll go out on a limb, incur the wrath of the true souls and say id rathr listen to bob azzam. you cant say, break aside tho, that shit is chugging along through the whole damn song. thats like saying, if you took out lee dorseys singing, which one would you like better. anyway, they both good songs. i like the horns in bob's version too...whatever the deep sounding one is
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