sos band (appreciate-r)

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    Prince kicked Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis out of The Time because they were producing for The S.O.S. Band.

  • They were flying back and forth almost daily between the SOS studio sessions and the Time tour for a few weeks. Eventually they f'd up and Prince gave them the purple boot.

    But yeah.
    SOS Band

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    I fox w/ them.

    Do i need anything after the first LP?

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    leon sylvers production, with j&t

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    Definitely one of THE greatest. Mary Davis' vocals are killer. And the presence of Maceo and Fred Wesley on some of their recordings really takes it all to the next level.

    My personal favorite:

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    Love The SOS Band! Classics all day...

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    LOVE SOS Band!!!!!

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    favorite live version footage.

  • Out of all the folks that Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis laced, I think SOS Band was their best work.

  • Yup. I like this one:

    "Looking For You" is the cut!

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    One of my favorites, too many jams to mention.

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    leon sylvers production, with j&t

  • One of my favorites, too many jams to mention.

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