Disco by non-disco artists?

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Stones -- Miss You

What else am I missing?


  • Who Are You-- The Who

    Low Down--Boz Scaggs

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    Johnny Mathis + Chic

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  • "What A Difference A Day Makes" - Esther Phillips

    I don't hear a disco influence in "Who Are You" by the Who at all; sounds like a straight-ahead rock number to me.

  • Call Me - Blondie (plus LLame (spanish version on salsoul)
    Kiss - I was made for loving you

    The rolling stones miss you 12" disco mix is awesome i picked it up last week. Longer than original Lp version and has cool breakdowns and shit

  • Hollies-Draggin my Heels.
    I need this 12" BAD!!!!

  • As far as Rolling Stones' disco songs, I always preffered "Dance" over "Miss You".

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    David Bowie "Golden Years" + "Fashion"

    Perhaps the latter is a little too new wave-y for the straight disco heads but it still has the feel.

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  • Elton John - Victim of Love

    Duran Duran - Planet Earth

    Bauhaus - Kick in the Eye

    Electric Light Orchestra- Shine a Little Love

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    First time I heard this, I thought it was the Bee Gees:

  • This is an endless list IMO but here are a few obvious ones that I play from time to time in disco sets, all HEAT:



    FLOYD- wicked slap bass on this classic, the disco really drops at 2:20 in this clip:

    POLICE- this ones obvious too, Stewart Copeland human machine on a high hat, lurrve himmm:

    BOB - also obvious as disco as it gets

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    I love anything Kid Creole related

  • Guy Lafleur

  • "Goodnight Tonight" - Wings
    "Take Me Home" - Cher

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    Skatt Bros - Walk the Night

  • skelskel You can't cheat karma 5,028 Posts
    Captain Sensible - Wot

  • "Diskomo" - Residents

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    That Peggy Lee "Close Enough For Love" LP has several tracks that fall into this category.

  • "You Are My Sunshine" - Lou Donaldson
    "Sunny '76" - Bobby Hebb

  • Peter Tosh - Buk-in-Hamm Palace / Dubbin in Buk-in-Hamm


  • The Hollies was my first thought after seeing this thread.

    RARE record

  • these threads.... always show me some peoples misconceptions of what disco is.

    how some of yall arrive at shit like the who, is just plain dumb. your ears are broke.
    yea i said it.

    "disco drums"....OPEN hi hat after the kick, most times with no snare.. or the snare is low in the mix.
    not really toto.
    that shits no disco break.

    what is disco.

  • Moreover, what is a disco artist?

    Most disco is just straight up R&B

    most of the crossover is from rock acts

    And how the hell is CHICAGO "STREET PLAYER" not mentioned here?!?!?

    Soulstut always messes it up when it comes to disco... :sigh:

  • Plenty of reggae artists took a stab at disco:

    Keith Hudson: Civilisation

  • most of the crossover is from rock acts


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    no one mentioned eartha kitt klassic???????????


  • deejdeej 5,124 Posts
    Who Are You-- The Who
    not disco

  • Who Are You-- The Who
    not disco

    200% agreeance. i dont wanna start a flame war, but like i said up top, i wonder HOW they thought that song was disco
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