talk bout music that makes you feel good inside.

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Right now I am going to say that Outkast's Spottieouttiedopalicious is making me feel good right now. I listen to it in the ride, the song ends and I'm like damn, I'm gonna hafta hear that again. I would also like to mention that D'angelo's greatdayinthemornin is seriously high on the feel good chart.

everybody has something that makes themselves feel good... i'd like to hear about that.


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    At the moment, I can't stop playing "Can't Stand Losing" by The Police in the ride. I drive like I am living that song at every set of lights. It's pretty bad.

  • Anything by Bob Dorough or Mississippi John Hurt

  • Somehow horns seems to do the trick for me. So yeah, "Spottieottie", Pete Rock & CL's "One in a Million," "Move On Up" - stuff like that. BTNH's "First of a Month" is another one.

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    Right this minute, good old punk rock makes me happy inside. Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, the Dictators. Call it sense memory, I guess, but hearing some of those old songs just makes me warm and tingly. f*ckin'-A.

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    HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    at the moment it's Neil Young's "Comes a Time" and a track called "It's Easy for Me" by the Fireballs off the 1969 Atco lp "Come On, React!" The vocal performance and lyrics to the song are at times less than stellar -- but every other aspect of the song, performance and recording suggests a lost John Lennon song from "Help!" or "Rubber Soul" -- a sound that was 5 years dated by the time this album came out, but works for me very well right now.

  • the horns are one of the happiest things ever. Make you want to get up and do a leprechaun jig.

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    What a great topic.. Aren't we all looking for something that makes you feel good? This topic can range from the new shit your listening to.. to the old shit you rave about. Or maybe the live show that your still smiling about.

    Right now I love listening to:

    "Poets of Rhythm - Smilin (while you're crying)"

    What piano is on this track? Man I love that sound. The drums have that bass-y head nod feel it reminds me of Synthetic substitution in a way. Usually the dudes voice in this band is barely passible for me, but it sounds so good here. I love those pauses where you have to wait for the melody to come back..Brilliant song

    "Mcdonald and Giles - birdman"

    This is track is like the Beach boys track that I've always wanted to hear. They pull off on this song IMO what the Beach boys could never do. Besides being good musicians these dudes were excellent story tellers.. Michael Giles had the nastiest fills. I love when this song gets all funky then it slows down.. The second movement with the "slowly up then slowly down.." I want this to be my soundtrack as I walk around.. Why aren't more songs this long?

    "Anything with Rita Lee on Vocals.." My Os mutantes fanboyism revealed.

    img src=""1

    Right now Bad Trip (ainda bem) off of that Cilibrinas do ??den album is killing me. I'm really just now going back to her solo stuff and finding out it has so many rewarding tracks. Like I barely heard Tempo Nublado from Build up.. That track is so Tropicalia on par with some of Caetano's best stuff.

    Panis Et Circenses is f*cking killer..

    - spidey

  • Listening to Whitest Boy Alive makes me feel like I'm in love.

  • dre day

  • 50 ways to leave your lover just made my night better. Steve Gadd is the man.

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    In The Beginning - Body and Soul

    I Want to Love You Baby - Peggy Scott and JoJo Benson

    Seek and You Shall Find - Marvin Gaye

    10 Steps to Soul - JoJo Bennett and Mudies All-Stars

  • bobbie smith - walk on into my heart

    wally badarou - novela das nove

    brenton wood - i'm the one who knows

    1st trio select lp

    pic-nic lp

    fleetwood mac - save me a place

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    More realistically, I gotta go with Gangsta Pat - I Wanna. But for Soul Strut purposes, I'll go with Allen Toussaint - Soul Sister...from an album that too many people on here would tell you is a terd.

  • a few joints that uplift my spirit... (and always seem to make it into the dj set)

    bobby caldwell - wont do for love

    blackbyrds - rock creek park

    brick - dazz

    cool kids - black mags

    early dre and snoop demo f/ that aftermath mixtape

    laid back - white horse

  • scritti politti-cupid and pysche 85'.....80's brit-pop, so infectious, and quite a bit of samping on it. Fred Maher and arif mardin the producers on this piece, used a fairlight machine on most of the tracks supposedly.

    And man....Expose, that old freestyle girl group from miami. Incredibly good electro-dance music.

    Stuff like this always puts a smile on my face.

  • You brought it home w/ Spottieouttiedopalicious.

    One of the best records of all time.

    Both Dre & Antwan went deep on that one + Sleepy Brown's vocals?


  • m_dejeanm_dejean Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. 2,946 Posts

    I just discovered this record 2-3 months ago , and goddamn - I can't stop playing that shit over and over. I owned "Studio Confessions", but hadn't really checked his catalogue beyond that.

    I knew "Stuck" from it's club hit status, and one day when I was revisiting that, I decided to download the album. Didn't expect to dig it that much, but I was deep into it straight away, and it has quickly become a classique in my mind garden. Not a weak moment on this one.

    The uptempo jams (all on the housey tip) make you want to get up and dance, the midtempo jams make you snap your fingers and bob your head. No slow jams. And this dude's arrangements and vocal stylings are so original and infectious. I can't put my finger on it, but the songs creep up on you. Kind of put you in a trance.

    I love this album. Everytime I play it, I automatically get the urge to move and sing along.

    Yeah, it makes me feel good inside.

  • dukeofdelridgedukeofdelridge urgent.monkey.mice 2,441 Posts

    lord finesse


    I cannot help but smile whentheyreonthemic, those guys...

    and HA HA i like Happy Birthday because I get prizes!!!

    and that dance song "scatman" wabadabaDEEboopbadababop, DEEboopbopdabopbop, etc

  • man, too tell you the absolute truth...80's music makes me feel the best.

  • LoopDreamsLoopDreams 1,195 Posts
    Bjork: Homogenic... takes me right back to '97 every time. I was ten years younger and ragin' MTL hard.

  • eliseelise 3,252 Posts
    Phil Phillips- Sea of Love

  • The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset

    Ruby and the Romantics- Our Day Will Come

    You've made me so very happy- Blood, Sweat and Tears

    Velvet Underground- Stephanie Says & Sunday Morning

    Cheap Trick- If You Want my Love You got it

    The Kinks- Strangers

    Otis- Try a Little Tenderness

    The Clash- Magnificent Seven

  • ArksArks 133 Posts
    Leroy Hutson - Lucky Fellow

    Leon Ware - Don't stay away

    Weldon Irvine - We getting down

    Fatback Band - Let the drums speak

    Bobby Caldwell - What you won't do for love
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