Justin Torres (Jinx) on the radio???

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Just caught this piece about Darondo on NPR...Justin Torres is a record nut, the kind who combs through stacks of dusty LPs looking for obscure gems. Torres told Chris Roose that he became obsessed with finding an R&B crooner named Daron "Darondo" Pulliam. Darondo wasn't just a forgotten singer -- the man had apparently disappeared.


  • Thanks, that was nice listen.

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    Got the chills listening to that...such a great story. We all owe Justin one for making this happen.

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    Hard as Fuck.

    Darondo needs to come back through Texas.

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    Saw that via Studio 360's mailing list. AWESOME. How'd they contact you to begin with? Via Ubiquity?

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    Who's going to see D in Costa Mesa on the 31st? I might have to dip out of my aunt's wedding banquet to see this.

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    Ah man this was so awesome. Very cool. And man, Justin you kind of have a dope radio voice. It totally reminded me of a narator of a movie as well.

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    And man, Justin you kind of have a dope radio voice. It totally reminded me of a narator of a movie as well.


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    Damn. THANK YOU.

    great, great, great piece.

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    [i]Justin Torres is a record nut

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    haha... i havent heard this since i did it. i think it was ubiquity that passed my number on to them. i did two npr interviews. one in sf at kqed and the other in new york at... some radio station when i was out there with the wife.

    thanks for posting this tsega.

    i know darondo is performing here in SF at the end of the month. hope to see some of yall there. if you havent seen him he really does put on an entertaining show:

    628 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, California
    Cost : $17

    ADV: $15 / DOS: $17 / VIP: $30 / www.maishaproductions.com
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