Justin Torres "The Break Up Letters"!

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The Break Up Letters is/was Justin's statement on love and loss... From want to need to desperation to dejection, depression, and finally redemption, the mix covers all grounds of love unrequited. This is a real treat for anyone out there that's feeling blue today or any fan of Deep Soul Music in general.


I Need You - Music City Reels
Whatcha Gonna Do - Rhythm Machine
Wait! One Minute Baby - Page 3
Untitled - Untitled Acetate
Don't You Care - Alice Clark
Help Me Make Up My Mind - Joyce Jones
Don't You Never Ever Make Me Cry - Fabulous Fugitives
Choirs In My Teardrops - Two Things In One
You're Gonna Wreck My Life - Guitar Ray
My Love Fabulous - Malibus
Hey Sugar - Joe Anderson
I Can't Take The Pain - Ernie Johnson
You Better Stop - Sonny Rhodes
Put You Down - Oscar Bishop
Ain't Nobody's Business - Ernie Marbray
Are We Losing Our Thing - Sonny Rhodes
I Remember - Inner Soul
A Better Day Is Gonna Come - Jackie Moppins
We Can Never Belong To Each Other - Deloris Ealy
What's Wrong With Our Love - Tody Tucker
I'm So Lonely - Progressors
Who Can I Turn To - Primes
Didn't I - Dorando
These Very Tender Moments - Ernie Johnson
Untitled - Joe


  • PATXPATX 2,820 Posts

    PS: I want to have serious party with that Spice. Do you take trades?

  • Oh man, it's long gone homie!

    Enjoy that mix... it's a winner.

  • cascas 1,484 Posts
    ahhhh shucks! i'm going to holler at the link when i get home from work.


  • HamHam 872 Posts
    woooh! this is really good.

  • spelunkspelunk 3,400 Posts
    Amazing to hear those Music City reels.

    Nothing but pure heat on the GRNYC site. Who else is posting up a full rip of the Spice LP and unreleased heat like this? You are slaying the internets dude.

  • proppppppperrrrrr.

    much thanks man. great site too!



  • Man, I'm glad you are sharing this with the world Jonny. I've been enjoying this mix for, I dunno, several years at least now and it is one of my favorite of any genre. Feeling bad never felt so good

    Ps. I guess the cat is out of the bag w/ that one KILLER femme funk track.
    That was one of the first things I messed around with cutting/ setting loops when I copped Microwave.


  • holmesholmes 3,532 Posts
    Awesome mix. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Mike_BellMike_Bell 5,736 Posts
    Awesome mix. Thanks for sharing it.
    When are you going to fix the 2nd hour of that mix?

    Thanks for posting this Jonny.

  • Mike - what second hour? is something not working?

  • Mike_BellMike_Bell 5,736 Posts
    Mike - what second hour? is something not working?
    Not Justin's mix but the one you were telling me about last week.

  • Oh word.

  • oh word.

  • OkemOkem 4,617 Posts
    Thanks Jonny. (and the other J. thanks also.)

  • Options
    This is awesome.

  • sergserg 682 Posts
    man thanks for this

  • This is doin it right now. One of the best mixes I heard in a while!

  • pointmanpointman 1,042 Posts
    Let me just say that he sent me this in the mail when he first did it and it STILL HAS NOT LEFT MY CAR.

    Don't miss his heater-filled gospel mix that puts everyone else's to shame either.

  • Word, that's on the site too.

    Thanks Justin!

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts
    this joint is tight. thanks for posting it

  • spelunkspelunk 3,400 Posts
    This mix is 100% facemelt.

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