what do you listen to when you're reading/grading?

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i can't really listen to music anymore when i'm reading, at least not of my own choice. i just get too distracted. used to listen to eno's ambient records, but even that stopped working.when i'm grading, though, in proper graduate student instructor mode, i've recently been listening to the following while at home:jorge ben - forca brutaair - virgin suicides ostdavid crosby - if i could only remember my name...francoise hardy - ma jeunesse fout le camp...i know there are other readers, students, and teachers on here - any suggestions or experiences to share?


  • I'm the same way, if I listen to music while trying to read I can't get through a paragraph in under a minute, specially if there are vocals (and forget rap all together, that shits a death trap). I usually listen to some post-rock ala Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, etc., or some ambient type shit. All this reading I've been doing is really cutting into my music listening time.

  • Well, I usually put on the fastest stuff I can find and try to grade a paper every 2 bars or so. This only works in the latter half of the the semester- after you know what type of grades your students get.
    Let me know if you need any more advice.

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    Book of Silk by the Tin Hat Trio

    I get distracted pretty easily when i read but this one is good at the right volume. I used to really like this for driving around too. I got in a car accident in June and may have missed it when cleaning out my car before it was totalled. I have the paper sleeve that slips over the jewel case, but can't seem to find the CD.

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    I was listening to that Bill Laswell redeux of the Miles Davis Bitches Brew stuff. I can't listen to anything with words while I read or write. I feel like if I do not put music on I'll get distracted too easily; it's like I tune the music out, but it has to be easily ignored stuff. SOTL works really well for me, as does Erik Satie's Gymnopedies 1-3 on repeat.

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    last semester j-rocc's dilla tribute got me through exams. it still does. i had a study playlist (i can only fug mostly with inst or non-english joints):

    tortise - its all around you

    can - future days

    dorthy ashby - afro harping

    marcos valle - samba '68

    moodymann - silentintroduction

    os mutantes - mutantes

    HOLY SH*T and o ton of monk.


    danno's si para usted is definitly a new addition.

  • electric wizard, sleep, om, etc....

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    Reaching back to my days as a psychology student ... your brain will be more distracted with vocal tracks than it would be with instrumentals. It is very difficult to tune out the spoken word (though foreign languages may be ok).

    For me, stuff like Mulatu is perfect.

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    I don't have any set music for when I'm grading. In fact, when I'm grading is one of the few times when I can actually listen to some music because I'm so busy with my family otherwise. Today it's the Dells' "Love Is Blue" LP. Basically whatever I'm reviewing at the time is what gets a spin while grading.

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    can - future days
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