Roll Call Pt 2 - Record Related

Jonny_PaycheckJonny_Paycheck 17,825 Posts
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I sometimes get the impression that some of you don't buy/own records at all... truth?Add on...Name: Jonny Last Record You Bought: The Cure - The WalkLast Time You Bought Records: Last night


  • marumaru 1,450 Posts

    Name: Brian
    Last Record You Bought: Music from Free Creek
    Last Time You Bought Records: 2 days ago

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts

    Name: Jason Waterfalls
    Last Record You Bought: Cloud One Orchestra "Atmosphere Strut" 1979 Remix 12"
    Last Time You Bought Records: Sunday

  • Name: Larry
    Last Record bought: Toby King - Mr. Tuff Stuff
    Last time I bought records - Wednesday

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts
    Only two responses--I guess dudes on here really don't buy records.

  • DrJoelDrJoel 932 Posts
    Name: Joel

    Last Record: Mason Williams "Music" and an Audiodiscs Recording Blank that i haven't listened to yet

    Last Time: Sunday afternoon

  • spelunkspelunk 3,400 Posts
    Name: Brendan
    Last Record You Bought: Bernard Lavalliers - Le Stephanois
    Last Time You Bought Records: Garage sales on Saturday

  • vajdaijvajdaij 447 Posts
    name: vajdaij
    last record bought: kraftwerk - musique non stop 12"
    date purchased: yesterday afternoon

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts

    Name: Phyllis
    Last Record You Bought: Nicole Willis & The Soul Destroyers & Rinder & Lewis "7 Deadly Sins"
    Last Time You Bought Records: Monday

  • JLRJLR 3,835 Posts
    Name: Hugo Boss
    Last Record You Bought: Odeon OG NM/NM
    Last Time You Bought Records: like 10 days ago

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    Name: J*hn
    Last Record Bought: Jelly Bean Bandits-S/T on Mainstream
    Last Time I Bought Records: Sunday

  • Name: Alex
    Last Record I stole: Leadbelly Early Recordings Vol's 2 and 3 on Folkways
    Last time I stole records - Sunday

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts
    Name: Cosmo
    Last Record You Bought: Grand Wizard Theodore "Can I Get A Soul Clapp" 12"
    Last Time You Bought Records: Sunday 10/15/06

  • Name: Georges
    Last Record You Bought: The Nu-People - I'd Be Nowhere Today
    Last Time You Bought Records: sunday

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    name fejMelba

    last record i bought maria betania vinicius de moraes toquinho emi portugal
    bought today
    last record i sold plastic bertrand 7" ca plane pour moi/pogo pogo

  • gareth
    last records bought: Eddie Palmieri @ U.Puerto Rico
    when: Friday

    (also, nrich's set sale...but, that's different. and it was The Payback.)

  • Danno3000Danno3000 2,847 Posts
    Name: Dan Zacks
    Last Record Bought: Augusto Martelli "Black Sound From White People"
    Last Time You Records: This past weekend

  • Add on...

    Name: Jake
    Last Record You Bought: Spice 1 "187 Proof" 12" on Triad
    Last Time You Bought Records: Last night

  • DJFerrariDJFerrari 2,411 Posts
    I don't get out digging as much as I used to, but last time resulted in a monster...

    Name: Ivan
    Last Record Bought: Los Tios Queridos - Si Me Ves Volar
    Last Time You Bought Records: Sat 10/14

    I'm hoping for an eBay purchase in about 2 hours... we'll see how the sniper does

  • PrimeCutsLtdPrimeCutsLtd jersey fresh 2,632 Posts
    last record - Collage '75 - brookdale community college record

    got it this afternoon

  • white_teawhite_tea 3,262 Posts
    Name: Mike
    Last Record Bought: Places & Spaces (for some reason, never owned a copy)
    Last Time You Bought Records: Thursday at a thrift

  • nzshadownzshadow 5,517 Posts
    Ella Fitzgerald: 'at the Montreaux Jazz Festival 1975'
    Mondays man, always Mondays...

  • FatbackFatback 6,746 Posts
    Frank Beylotte
    I bought 4 records Sunday 10/22/06 at 52.5 Records in Charleston , SC:
    Peter Brotzmann--Machine Gun (fmp)
    Sonic Youth--S/T (neutral)
    Pentangle--Cruel Sister (reprise)
    The Who--Substitute b/w Pictures of Lily 12"

  • PonyPony 2,283 Posts
    Name: Vaughn
    Last Record You Bought: Scratch Roulette 2 (first scratch record ive bought in about 5 years)

    Last Time You Bought Records: Last Week

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    Vybz Kartel - JMT
    Didn't have time to even look for any records in MIA, so it's been about a week or so.

  • Name: Neal
    Last Record Bought: Rodney-O Joe Cooley - "Me and Joe" (Egyptian Empire) $2
    Last Time I Bought Records: 11AM this morning

  • Add on...

    Name: Phil
    Last Record You Bought: Ralph Tresvant Sensitivity 12"/Jean Plum Here I Go Again 7"
    Last Time You Bought Records: 2 weeks ago.

  • nelson walker
    on september 28th i bought: cymande s/t, mingus dynasty, joe battan "salsoul"
    been spending the last month whittling away at stack of stuff i haven't listened to yet.

  • Name: Jonathan

    Last Record Bought: A water-damaged copy of Jon Appleton and Don Cherry - Human Music for very cheap

    Date: Last Sunday

  • Name : ernest
    Last Record You Bought: Kashif- I Just Got To Have You 7"
    When: yesterday evening

  • ReynaldoReynaldo 6,054 Posts
    Name: Jon
    Last Record You Bought: Bobby Valentin - Let's Turn On
    Last Time You Bought Records: Oct. 18th
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