Thrust Too - (McNeal Niles related)

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I found a sealed record by "Wilbur Niles and Thrust" called "Thrust Too", which looks like it might be McNeal & Niles' follow up to Thrust at the Austin Record Convention earlier today. McNeal still plays on the record, even though the name's not on the title anymore. Looks to be another private press joint with a generic cover (plain silver with black writing), released by Tinkertoo Records in Atwater, Ohio in 1980.Anyone heard this record or seen it before? I know Thrust is very dope, and looking at the back cover of this record at the musicians and song titles, this could be a very dope album, but I'm hesitant to break the seal. Any knowledge dropped would be appreciated.?TruStu


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    It supposedly really sucks & is either non raer, or is raer but no one cares. I'm not just making this up either. there have been posts about this record in the past...

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    According to several people i know, it sucks. Might be worth tossing on ebay though.

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    yes, it does indeed suck.. though rare. I don't remember it being horrible, but it's not on the level. Throw it on Ebay and I'll bet it goes kookoo though!

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  • TrueStuTrueStu 91 Posts
    Thanks for the info fellas. I was hoping it was another lost masterpiece, but fuck it, I paid less than $20 for it. Sounds like I'll be selling it sometime in the near future.


  • It's got a really dope drum break on it tho. Sealed I think it could start a riot on ebay right about now. But it's not worth the fussin' & feudin'.

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    wasn't asprin selling one on ebay a while back ?

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    I'll give you $20 for it.

  • RAJRAJ tenacious local 7,757 Posts
    I'll give you $20 for it.

    You can have mine, for this:

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    Sounds good, but I would need at the minimum 900 copies! Lol.

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    Theres 2 other Mcneal and Niles related LPs as well. Cant think of em now.. one of em is Wilbur Niles - Survival of the Funkiest.. the other has a mid 80s looking glossy blue cover and is slick jazz-funk.. but not so good.
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