What records do you sing along to?

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I know i'm not the only geek doing dishes and singing my ass off to Astral Weeks.I can't really sing but sometimes I can't hold back.We all do it.Sometimes I'll get a little stoned or a slight beer buzz and it's on.Chubby pasty white old head wailing to Lou Rawls and Todd Rundgren.I also like to sing to Rush's Red Barchetta:total dorkathon,but I can hit the notes and I amuse myself immensly.Also Tim Buckley:getting my deep tenor folkalicious groove on.And who can resist chiming in on the na na na nah's in Hey Jude.Discuss...


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    right now you could catch me and the son sing to Anita BAker...fuck the hate

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    co-sign on the astral weeks. i've been on a zombies kick lately, and that's always fun cause for some reason i prefer to sing harmonies. i definitely struggle to hit notes sometimes so I always go back to anything lou reed if i get frustrated when i can't sing along to my favorite diva-flavor tunes.

  • stimmung

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    Sound Of Frogs

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    you can catch me singing along to anything ursula dudziak is spitting on

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    Spaceman came down to answer some things,
    The world gathered round from paupers to kings,
    I???ll answer your questions, I???ll answer them true,
    I???ll show the way you know what to do,
    Who is wrong and who is right?
    Yellow, brown or black or white?
    The spaceman he answered ???You???ll no longer mind...
    I???ve opened your eyes, you???re now colour blind

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    Dramatics - What You See is What You Get...

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  • The spaceman he answered ???You???ll no longer mind...
    I???ve opened your eyes, you???re now colour blind

    Racial.. so..

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    this morning (no one home, cats running away from the dancing outbursts):

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    This Jerry jones is the shit! Anyone want to challenge me on a verse of Lou Ragland?


    P.S. Is that Borthers of Soul the dudes that recorded for the Boo label?

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    yes and yes.

    i am looking and looking for their 'Grateful' 45...

  • I've found myself rapping Pharoahe's verse on the Extinction agenda, sing along to Open Sky Unit, I'd think it over twice and Next ball game while having my last four cigarettes outside my house.

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    I always sing to my Verocai or Jorge Ben and make up words in portuguese.
    Alhtough i have Onde nasci pasa um rio (caetano/gal) pretty down

    Salsa is also a great sing a long. Las Calenas son como las flores que vestian ban de mil colores...

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    blue record era weezer, de la "stakes is high," stevie "innervisions"

  • Gaylads - ABC Rocksteady
    Beatles - Wait
    Ray Terrace - Listen to me
    Carlos Garnett - Mystery of ages
    Doug Carn - Western Sunrise (hi drewn!)
    Isleys - Work to do
    Lorez Alexandria - Morning

    co-sign on that Jerry Jones missb -

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    Doug Carn - Western Sunrise (hi drewn!)

    Hahha, yes!

  • you can catch me singing along to anything ursula dudziak is spitting on


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    Nice looking lyric sheets too. And of course:

    "Free love on the free love highway
    the freeway's long and the love is free..."

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    Isleys - Work to do

    I feel you. 'I i-i -i -i got work to dooooo'

  • m_dejeanm_dejean Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. 2,946 Posts
    Biz Markie - 'Just A Friend'
    The Rolling Stones - 'Miss You'

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    - The Foundation's "Build Me Up Buttercup"
    - Honey Cone "Girls It Ain't Easy"
    - Disney soundtracks

    Suspect, I know, but I ain't EVA scared.


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    Spanky Wilson - 'sunshine of your love'

    You won't catch me NOT singing to this record EVER!

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    hellz yeah! i sing along to this whole record.

    "shes leaving home, bye byeeeeee"

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    Any of the first few Ramones records.
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