• The evolution of online Radio

    I just realized the whole broadcast bit of that post is hardly the "new-new" of internet radio, oh well. Seen this?
    radio streams from anywhere on earth... there is some amazing stuff out there.

    And okay, if you ever played "Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio" on Dreamcast, or "Jet Set Radio Future" on Xbox, the ones where you rollerblade and write graffiti, you know how those games had kinda rad soundtracks and like a real distinctive Shibuya/hip-hop aesthetic and stuff? Some superfan has put together basically a real-world version of the in-game radio station that narrates those games, with spoken bumpers that sound like he found the original voice actor(??). All the way down to the legal disclaimer not to write graffiti.
    So the music is like themed "stations" for each skater gang that featured in the games - not just the OSTs, but just stuff "inspired" by the games' vibe, and the vibes of the individual characters. Absurd. Plus other mad shit like an in-character news ticker, a TV stream and an online graffiti wall. I stumbled across this when I wanted to replay the game, and I sort of think it's the ultimate act of fandom. You could theoretically skate around, streaming this station into your headphones, and painting graffiti like those games fantasized. Until you got killed by a bus or cops, at least.