My Record Day comp - "Don't Fear The 76-83"

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In hopes of hearing my Record Day MP3 requests (see separate thread), this little dude humbly presents a comp of his current favorite tracks: "Don't Fear The 76-83" contents of zip :Alfonzo Surrett - Gimmie Your LoveBrother To Brother - Let Me Be For RealBugatti and Musker - Mystery GirlDunn and Bruce St - Shout For JoyJunie - Funky PartsLloyd Price - What Did You Do With My LoveNext Movement - You're The OneReggie Griffin - Let Me Whisper In Your EarRichard Jon Smith- Master of the GameSunfire - Young Free and SingleSG


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    yes but how do you fel about 84 -89??

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    I dunno...I've been kinda going through a 76-83 phase for a while now. It's only a matter of time before I start czeckin' for them New Jack joints, I suppose.

    I checked out your website and Keep On article, BTW. Real kool stuff!

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