Things from My Parents House

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Every now and then I go over my parents house and dig around in my old bedroom and look for stuff I havent viewed in a LONG time. This time around I was looking through old tapes and pictures and crap during my record industry days. A lot of this is due to the recent threads about RobOne and being on Stefs VE Board looking at old promo stuff. Anyway, this is some of the stuff i pulled out:(3/4 of this stuff is sealed or never listened to before. Info is appreciated)Row 1:KNT - EarhustlazSwift Rock, Streak, Relm - The 3 Amigos (TAPE)Noise - v/a (Awol One, Circus, Kakaman, Syndrome 228, Virus, Jizzm, GelRow 2:Mobb Tyght HustlersDouble O - The Millenium Bug (backpack mixtape)Jeet K - Da Tripmaster (w/ 3rd Eye Tribe from 97)EMI Records Mix Tape - RobOne 1995Eddie Meeks & Thareeko - Larger Than LifeJizzm - The All Deadly (feat. DJ Drez and RobOne)Summah Vol 2 - Mixed by RobOneEMI Records B-Boy Tape - No Tricks in 96 DJ RobOneRow 3:NEUK feat John Dilly - Run They Gonna Kill Yall/Infared feat NEUK - WartimeTony Touch Gets Naughty - Rap 40Sanuhtayshun Duhpartment Muzik 1997Swift Rock, Streak, Relm - The 3 Amigos (COVER)L'Roneous Da'Versifier - Imaginarium snippetsRow 4:??? Business Card - Da Great Deity DahMadd Joker - Gotham TakeoverKid Capri 89 Mixtape from Tape KingzCeebrolistics - A Day of the People in Between (from Helsinki Finland)Non-Equation - HypoetixMurs - ComurshulRow 5:Establishment Presents : Natural Order of Things (Richmond VA various acts 1998)J-Swing Mixtape - #19 Who You Wit? 1997Funkmaster Flex - Classic Cuts @ the Tunnel #1 (Tape Kingz)Blacklove - The Hue-Man Theory 1998DJ Zooted - Zooted After Death Pt 2Stones Throw Presents - Radio City Chaos Vol 1 (mixed artists 1998)Spidamonkey AG One MixtapeIllfiggaz - Train of Thought(clockwise)PumpkinheadBad SeedDCQ and some herbWhat?What?, Pumpkinhead, Ocean, T.O. (?), DJ (?) (on the way to Philly for Bobbitos show store opening)(clockwise from top)Sulmers with lady friend at Brooklyn apt?, ?, ?, J-Grand (im quite embarrassed that i forgot dude in the yellow hat. that was my motherfucker back in those industry days)?, ? (some rap group whose name i forgot. i can remember what the record looks like but thats it)Rob One @ Cals (one of the finest DJ performances ive ever seen. i speak about this moment NOW!)Lee (homie from CCSF who moved to NY and was working for Fat Beats)BP - Kickin It In Babylon (75 Girls Records and Tapes) THIS WAS MY SHIT BACK IN THE DAY... I LISTENED TO THIS SHIT FRONT TO BACK ALL DAY! from 1990


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    Dope post, Just.

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    Very dope. I need to go through the archives myself!

  • dyam... all my shit is stored at the parents house across the country...

  • Damn I thought you were gonna post about that box of dildos you found under the old bed.

    Anyways yeah "COCK HOLIDAY" is the dopest song title I've heard maybe ever.

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    i found love song mixtapes i made and rap pause tapes and mid 80s mixes i did @ middle school dances... hahaha... it was kinda fun.

    found about a dozen unworn promo tshirts, hella slipmats from Loud, Death Row, Zhane "hey Mr DJ", etc

    pics from record companies, pics i took, etc

    a box of sealed Soundbombing Cassingles i never handed out (nohomo... what Zvi i cant get no street team jobs from yall no more?!?!)

    it was fun... i recommend everyone go do that and take pictures for our amuzement and enjoyment...


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    Establishment Presents : Natural Order of Things (Richmond VA various acts 1998)
    umm...can you post a tracklist of this?

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    Anyways yeah "COCK HOLIDAY" is the dopest song title I've heard maybe ever.

    "awww bitch i cant even do nothin tonight i got too much cock set up...

    cmere ho' you win first prize
    i wanna fuck my dick is on'a rise
    it aint like that, oh i can get it
    to'e down the walls last time i hit it
    bitch get the cross off your cherry
    ho' you know youre not no virgin mary
    actin scary when Rav around
    knowin well you wanna pull them panties down...

    ...who out there getting cock? throw your dick in the air...

    some of these bitches like to lick crack
    not the dope but where it shitty at..."

    it just gets better from there...

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    Establishment Presents : Natural Order of Things (Richmond VA various acts 1998)

    rockski - bring the terror
    a chosen few - the craft, word perfect
    gee - lyric head
    rahstar carisma - surface, legacy feat. kleph
    syntax - visualize, rap singers feat. kleph
    k-sha - unda pressure, hidden agenda
    lazarus - suffixes, warfare feat. syntax
    caliko - for a certain crowd
    triflin spot - time flies

    prod- bear one, kleph, tony l
    rec @- the brothel, richmond va


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    good lookin out. sounds dec' least production-wise.

    recorded at the brothel.

  • Love it. I wanna see more pictures.

  • I can't believe you have the Mobb Tight Hustlas tape. Those dudes were from Lynhood.. They were incredibly garbage. I think Quaze (who is doing beats for Snoop now) was their producer. The studio they worked out of got robbed like 3 times.
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