New Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon Editions 2022

Most extensive Reference-Guide of Funky & Groovy Music Records
Since 1st edition in 1988 it's still the worldwide unique reference-guide in it's field.

Since the 2005 black & white edition I've continued to improve the lexicon content. All chapters have been revised, updated and supplemented. The content has almost doubled, listed records (28'000) as well as pictures (over 5000). Separate editions have been produced for collectors interested only in singles or only in albums, with the general chapters being included in both editions. All editions printed in full colour on semi-glossy paper, thread-bound, hard-cover.

The Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon actually consists of both editions together. Therefore, for a short time, there is the limited, numbered "Full-Edition" available, that includes all content. This limited Full-Edition (100-150 copies) will be printed only once (no reprint), after a pre-order time that will end Sept 25th 2022.

Book details for all editions including table of contents & sample pages,  price & shipping are available at

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