The Scorpios (Afro7 Records, Sudan/UK) 2017 concert audio stream

Sunday 17th May 8pm (MET)

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The Scorpios (Afro7 Records, Sudan/UK) Eastern funk, arabic psychedelic

The 10 piece super group The Scorpios performed an insanely incredible 2 hours gig at Kaschemme Basel (Switzerland) on Dec 3rd 2017.It was one of their rare concerts outside the UK. The four Sundanese members are hailing from Central Sudan and are now based in London after fleeing the fundamentalist takeover in that region in the 80s. Due to Adam Bulewskis (guitarist & bandleader) work within the Sudanese community they became friends and founded The Scorpios together with other London based musicians. They’re unique musical meltdown of hypnotic Arabic rhythms, psychedelic Sudanese Afrobeat and eastern funk is simply mind-blowing. Their stunning fist album came out in 2017 on the brilliant label run by our friend Fredrik Lavik. He was the one that told us the band is planning a gig in Switzerland (thank you again) at a festival in Geneva. So we joined forces with Bongo Joe Records and made it happen on both sides of the Röstigraben. Thank you, Konzeptlos Basel

Sunday 17th May
8pm Konzeptlos DJ set
9pm THE SCORPIOS (Sudan/UK) 2017 concert audio

Monday 18th & Wednesday 20th May
9pm THE SCORPIOS (Sudan/UK) 2017 concert audio

Regia Ishag - vocals
Adam Bulewski - rhythm guitar
Mimi Kobayashi - keyboard
Osman Babo - vocals, percussion
Khamal Ghoumborr - lead guitar
Osman Mohammed - percussion
Ronnie Maxwell - bass
Sue Lynch - saxophone
Dawid Frydryk - trumpet
Will Roberts - drums


"Safar (Travelling)" the end the incredible 2 hours gig:

Flyer by Jan Hänni

In the last 6 years the Konzeptlos DJ duo organized many incredible concerts at Kaschemme (click here). Many of these sessions were recorded in collaboration with Flashback Records and the consent of the artists. The finished audio/video recordings are given to the band for free.

In the coming weeks we'll reveal these unheard archive gems, free of charge on the Rochade project streaming page. Every Sunday 8pm (MET) a new concert and two replays Monday and Wednesday at 9pm of the following week.

Thursdays we announce the forthcoming concert on the Kaschemme page and activate a solidarity ticket (Soli-Ticket) sale. You enjoy what you hear/see and you want to support these artists and Kaschemme? Then buying a "Soli-Ticket" (click here) is the right way to go! The revenue is distributed 50/50 between the band and Kaschemme.

The Sunday sessions start with a one hour DJ set of crackling plates presented by Konzeptlos.
Thank you for your support and enjoy.


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