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    dayum...i am late to the party.

    man! shit is fucked around here, we were the last (?) province to get COVID, today was the first day someone died from it...i didnt give many fucks about all this shit, until Tom Hanks happened, after that i slowly started to get paranoid, i saw shit on facebook and reddit about people hoarding shit, people black marketing purel, stockpiling toilet paper...and went and bought $500 in groceries, this (for my fam) started during march break here, my daughter is in grade1 and my son is in daycare when we got the message they were going to be shut down for 2weeks after march break, i knew that the kids wouldnt be back to school for the remainder of the year at that point, school is done june 27th here, which didnt seem like a big deal at the time.... lol, man my kids are driving me ape shit <insert stupid jayz meme here> and now the school and day care have home schooling going on and i am a teacher, lol.

    i am crafty as fuck and we have done science experiments, worked on music, done DID art, read every book in the house, made HUGE blanket forts, bike rides, wagon rides, dug up worms in the back yard, went on 3hr long hikes with my 6yr old.... and its like i am tapped out, the amount of time during the day "US" parents rely on other people (teachers) to take care of our kids has set in on me, and after already having a HUGE respect for teachers, i have MASSIVE respect for teachers even more.

    i watched some Bill Gates shit on CNN one night and he seemed to be spitting the real shit people needed to hear

    i have asthma not too bad, but bad enough to still need a puffer, Jan31st after working for "The Corporation" my job was offshored and i was laid off, i got me a good severance package to last me a while, but now i am freaked the fuck out about going out and looking for a job, shit is wild out there man, some people dont give any fucks at all, i have been staying away from facebook and the news lately but some of the blatant "arseholery" i have been hearing about is crazy man, people coughing on other people, or threatening to cough on some one, gotdang!

    someone got a $750 file for walking in the park the other day by them self, the dude on the news said it can range from $750 to $7500...

    anyways man i've said to much and babbled on, stay safe man its wild as fuck out there 

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    John Prine RIP

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    ketan said:
    John Prine RIP

    That one hurts.  Legend.

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    i watched some Bill Gates shit on CNN one night and he seemed to be spitting the real shit people needed to hear

    LOL. Glad to hear you're doing alright man!

    So, I finally figured out how the story of Joe Exotic correlates with the whole Coronavirus pandemic. According to Shi Zheng Li one of the leading virologists from Wuhan on the subject of Covid-19, SARS and other infectious diseases come from bats. The whole pandemic was caused by the Chinese Government allowing the buying and selling of exotic animals in their wet markets. Joe Exotic is one of the most eccentric buyers and sellers of exotic animals in North America. Selling and breeding tigers for the purpose of circus-like entertainment should be illegal. Trump pardoning him would literally mean that our government has not learned ABSOLUTELY anything about how SARS is being contracted from animals to humans through wildlife. Trump and Joe Exotic actually have more in common then I realized. 

    - Diego

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