Skye - Aint' No Need / Ain't No Need (Dance) 45 - Mint!

Hello Soul Strut, We have a couple of original 45 mint deadstock left, being sold on behalf of original band members. More information here: Get in quick & support the band! To buy please email


July 2018

Rain&Shine Records x Skye's lead vocalist (Michael Jeffries) and drummer (Marciel Garner) bring you a strictly first come first served exclusive! Less than 10 available.

What's happening?

Michael and Marciel have decided to sell their MINT and UNPLAYED copies of this classic 45. Your chance to own a piece of history AND directly support the musicians who created it - by buying directly from them!

The price

Price is USD $300 - The buyer will PayPal Skye directly. Item will ship from California to worldwide. 

Autographed sleeve available on request

Michael and Marciel are happy to autograph the sleeve if desired, please include your details when you contact us. 

About the session

"It was the 70's,1975 to be exact. Two Things In One a musical group based In Northern California packed their bags and headed to LA in search of fame and fortune. After getting into the LA grind the band shed it's name for a new horizon.  In steps a new name and a new attitude, Skye! Disco was all the craze and clubs like Oskos were hot on the scene. On one spring morning in 1976 Skye found themselves at A&M Studios with an opportunity to make its first record.  With the help of a new acquaintance Gordon DeWitty who had been recently introduced to the band. Skye worked up and arranged the song " Ain't No Need " for the session. So in one session that lasted no more than 10 hours the tracks for part 1 and 2 of "Ain't No Need" now regarded as a Disco Classic, were born. The record was self released by Skye in the summer of 1976."  --- Michael Jeffries 2018
 The recordsnbsp

The records! 

Noteworthy Skye/Ain't No Need facts:

Promotional Poster Photo was by the renowned photographer Norman Seeff  ( 

Mixing & Engineering by Kevin Bemish ( No Need" ).
Skye lead singer, Michael Jeffries, would  join Tower of Power (
Skye keyboardist Greg Levias, would tour with Rick James as a member of  " The Stone City Band".
Skye drummer/Vocalist  Marciel Garner, would perform with Sly And Family Stone.
Skye guitarist Carl Lockett,  would record and  tour with A&M Artist Chuck Mangione.

Skye bassist/ vocalist, Johnnie Tucker, would perform as Sargent Tucker (

Skye guitarist/vocalist, Michael Griggs, would perform with the group Thong.
Skye trombonist, Kevin Lockett , would perform with Con Funk Shun.


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    $300 ...damn.

    Curious: Why are you selling for $350 on Discogs?

  • Two copies left now so just trying to shift em. 300 is a fair price based on the market and condition, and also all the money is going back to the band think I made discogs more expensive to cover the fees. Peace 

  • I have no idea where that wierd emoji came from but it wasn't intended 

  • it's OK the emoji is semi-appropriate
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