Embedding sound files in eBay listings

I'm not sure if this is the right category for my question. But I thought I'd post here and move the discussion elsewhere if necessary.  

What tools are folks using to successfully embed sound into their eBay listings?  Yes, I'm looking for a free option.  I've used eCommercePlayer to embed a media and player in my listings -- it works well but I'm using the service for free which means I only get to embed five tracks total.  This is a problem when I have more than five listings that need sound bites.  

So I tried including links to sound files housed in my Google Drive, but eBay "didn't like that" and it never worked quite right.  To make all this a bit more complicated, I know eBay is doing away with active content in listings so I'm guessing this is a relevant question for those of us who sell on eBay and use sound in our listings.  So, to summarize, here are my questions.

-What's the best FREE way/tool for embedding sound into eBay listings?

-Do buyers click links to sound files hosted elsewhere or is there an unspoken expectation that there should be a media player with the sound file included in the listing if you're sharing sound?

-What solutions are folks using to include sound in their listings now that eBay is doing away with active content?

Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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