27 top rare Kenyan funk, disco, zamrock & psych rumba 45s on Ebay

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Up on Ebay
until next week (June 16): a selection of hard hitting Kenyan 45s, some of the most wanted titles out there and a few new ones, including:

-Jimmy Mawi - Black Dialogue
-Sal Davis - Makini
-Musi O Tunya - Take it light (unknown & uncompiled Zamrock 45!)
-Kelly Brown - Hustle down (dreamy synth groover)
-Latapaza Band - Odi Yoo (Afro funk rarity)
-Sinza - She's got a snake in her mind
-Loitoktok Eboma & Cassin Combo - Chakacha
-Mwenda Joe - My little angel (of Moondata fame)
-Eagles Lupopo - Pelekani
...and many more!

Check out the listings with snippets here.

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