Movies that begin and end with the same song?

downtownrobbrowndowntownrobbrown 446 Posts
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Apocolypse Now is the only one I can think of.


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,074 Posts
    pretty sure The Man with the Golden Arm does that. There are lots of others though, it's a fairly common device to use.

  • Heathers starts with a traditional version of que sera sera and fades out to the sly stone version. That I've always stuck with me.

    Midnight cowboy, right?

  • GibboGibbo 121 Posts
    The Long Goodbye uses the same theme throughout the film but with different arrangements throughout i.e. jazz, muzak, etc.

  • FlomotionFlomotion 2,388 Posts
    A Ciascuno Il Suo (We Still Kill the Old Way) - pretty much the same song all the way through with different arrangements. Terrible movie, great soundtrack.

  • badlands and true romance both start and end with Carl orff's 'gassenhauer'

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 2,821 Posts
    "Head" has a recursive beginning and end

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    Thriller........ :off_the_wall:

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts
    A few years ago people were praising an Irish movie called Once. About a street musician.
    I don't no about starting and ending, but by the time the movie was over I was ready to kill if I heard the featured song again.

  • Barfly: not only is it the same music but the same shot of the bar at the beginning and at the end. very a propos of a movie were none of the characters learn anything. whatever happened to frank stallone?

  • Haven't watched it in a few years but if my memory serves me right Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind has that theme songs playing pretty much through out.
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