Homeboy the C.O.L. album review (MP3's Inside)

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I've spoke very highly on this LP for a few months on this site, I know it looks absolutely ridiculous but it is really quality soul recorded about 5 miles from my home.

a review I wrote up on the LP a couple months back:
Homeboy & The C.O.L.[/b] S/T" (Alwest)
I saw this LP sitting on a shelf in a thrift shop and chuckled at the artwork, I mean its hard to take a look at that cover and think "serious artist". However I remembered seeing a picture of ths LP the record grail website Black Vinyl Junkie and I figured it would be well worth the $0.95 they were asking for it and sure enough it was more than worth the gamble. The LP has a raw early 80''s soul vibe with a very strong keyboard melody featured in almost all the tracks. Songs like "Homeboy's Revenge" and "Funk Yourself To Death" exemplify the idea of modern soul.
Here are several MP3's for you gus to go ahead and judge for yourselves

Are You Lonely Tonight

Make It On Your Own

Funk Yourself To Death


  • A bit late here, but I'm really digging these.
    Especially the couple minutes sans vox of Make it on My own.[/b]

  • Damn, you weren't kidding. Those are some really great tracks...proof that you sometimes can't judge the quality of an LP by it's cover.

    "I'll Make It On My Own" was also recorded by someone named Cecil Lyde. It's been featured on a number of UK Modern Soul comps over the years, so I guess it's a quite popular tune over there. The music sounds nearly identical, but the lyrics are slightly different.

    Cecil Lyde - I'll Make It On My Own


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    glad to see that others gave this album a try. I really think its one of the best cases of wack cover art/ amazing LP

    Twolf[/b] - if you liked the instrumetnal part you should know there is another song on here that is very much in that same vein but instrumental all the way through with some great synth and arp(?) keyboards riding through.

    Be prepared for the next LP review coming in a few days
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