Bmore: Godard's CONTEMPT @Charles 1/24-1/29

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At the Charles Theatre (1711 N. Charles)SATURDAY, 1/24 NOON;MONDAY, 1/26 7 PM;THURSDAY, 1/29 9 PM.Jean-Luc GodardBrigitte BardotGiorgia MollMichel PiccoliJack PalanceRaoul CoutardGeorges DelerueFritz Lang"One of Godard's most beautiful, fluid and romantic films, enriched by cinematographer Raoul Coutard's bold, sometimes symbolic use of color and by Georges Delerue's rapturous score." (Kevin Thomas, LA Times)The Charles Theatre is located in midtown Baltimore at 1711 North Charles Street, just a block and a half north of Penn


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    I love Godard. It's been a while since I've seen Contempt and I can't remember if it was this one, Pierrot Le Fou or Weekend that had the scene with the red convertible car accident that was all bloody and colorful. I don't think it was Weekend because two of those accidents had flames i think.

    Anyway, after seeing that scene for the first time I had an anxiety dream later that night with one of those cartoony but graphic car accidents that lead to me putting this diorama together with that imagery as the inspiration

    i'm sure i've posted it before, but it wasn't until i saw this thread that i remembered why.

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    awesome diorama!

    i read the Godard "working biography" Everything Is Cinema recently and as a result rewatched a lot of late 60s Godard and 80s Godard. People generally talk about how different those periods are, and there are differences to be sure. But this time around I was struck so much by the similarities, with most differences seeming the product of changing times (i.e. the difference between 1968 and 1985) rather than changes in the man. The personality and technique definitely struck me as that of the same person, which wasn't the case at all the first time I went through Godard's work.

    Anyway, last chance to see Contempt on the big screen is tonight, Thursday 1/29, 9pm. Next week: Bande a Part.

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    last chance to see Band of Outsiders is TONIGHT (Thursday 2/5, Charles Theatre, 9pm)!

    "Godard's New Wave Gangster Movie in Its First New 35mm Print in 35 Years!"

    1964 Jean-Luc Godard. Anna Karina, Sami Frey, Claude Brasseur. In French with English subtitles. 95m. bw.

    "A gangster story, sort of, by Jean-Luc Godard, who supposedly told his backers that he was going to make a sequel to Breathless and then delivered this mix of musical comedy, slapstick, violence, and incidental observations on politics and philosophy. Claude Brasseur, Sami Frey, and Anna Karina make fairly inept burglars, but they do a wonderful version of the "Steam Heat" number from Stanley Donen's The Pajama Game. This 1964 feature remains one of Godard's most appealing and underrated films, relatively relaxed and strangely optimistic." (Dave Kehr)
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