when pt.2 is better than pt.1 (45 RR)

spivyspivy 866 Posts
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crawl ya'll- bad smoke. i also think fantasy - pi r square is better on the pt 2. anyone have any other 45s where the pt 2 is better than the pt 1?


  • PATXPATX 2,820 Posts
    tons, no?

    GiGi - Daddy Love
    P.O.W. on BNM
    That one that goes "This disco joint is a serious joint" (even with the guitar shredding)

  • Pleasure Web - Music Man

  • spivyspivy 866 Posts
    tons, no?

    yeah. pt 2 is usually where the break is... yo.
    funky music is the thing pt 2

  • DJBombjackDJBombjack Miami 1,665 Posts
    GiGi - Daddy Love

  • part 2 on the b-side of this French afro-prog-with-b-boy-drums gem is loads better:

  • DJFerrariDJFerrari 2,411 Posts
    Larry Ellis - Funky Thing
    Soultors - Stone Cold
    Just about every Eddie Bo 45...

  • Lee Moses - Bad Girl Pt.2

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts
    - Scott Brothers - "Top Of The Mountain"
    - Bobby Marchan - "There Is Something On Your Mind" (GOT to have the monologue!)

    honorable mention - when part 2 is JUST AS GOOD AS part 1:
    - Isley Bros. - "Live It Up" (the second side is Ernie Isley shreddin' like tomorrow never came)
    - Frankie Newsome - "Don't Mess With My Lovemaker"
    - Net Wt. 14 Karat Black - "We Gotta Make A Change"

  • pickwick33pickwick33 8,946 Posts

    Just about every Eddie Bo 45...

    - Eddie's "Part 1"'s were on the mark - but hey, everybody to their own opinion

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts

    funky music is the thing pt 2

    First one I thought of...

  • soul searchers - "we the people" was the first thing i thought of... i prefer the funky flute to the singing on the A-side

  • ageage 1,130 Posts
    PI-R Square:Fantasy Pt.2

  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    funky nassau
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