Happy Jazz Show - November 2008 - show 1

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img src="http://img2.putfile.com/main/6/16018375580.jpg"1b,121b,121b, 21Welcome to the latest installment of the Happy Jazz Show sponsored by a href="http://www.gamaclothing.com" target="_blank"1Gama Clothing /a1. b, 21b, 21It's all about the music this month, as always. No spiel required. Enjoy! b, 21b, 21Big mention to one of our favourite sites that you need to check out with some amazing guest mixes, vintage flyers & photo's. Click below and enter a world of musical goodness!b,121b,121a href="http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/" target="_blank"1INDEPENDENT MOVEMENT/a1b,121b,121Limited downloads as always....enjoy!!b,121b,121Adrian and Markb,121b,121b, 21Show A with Adrian Leach b,121b,121b1a href="http://www.sendspace.com/file/tdnsgt" target="_blank"1Happy Jazz Show - Part A /a1/b1b,121b,121b, 21Tino Contreras : En El Viejo Estambul b, 21Stan Free : Manteca b, 21Candido : New Secrets b, 21Machito : Alex Mambo b, 21Mauricio Smith : Dougs Room b, 21Al Escobar : A & E Mambo b, 21Bobby Madera : Rhythmambo b, 21Shorty Rogers : Mambo Del Crow b, 21Illionois Jacket & Ben Webster : Mambocito Miob, 21Johnnie Pate Quintet : Muskeeta b, 21Slim Gaillard : Yo Yo Yo b, 21Charles Rodriguez : Dime La Verdad b, 21Pio Leyva : El Pregon De La Montana b, 21Julio Gutierrez : Excitingb, 21Sabu Martinez : Sorcery b,121Los Rimberos : N???Boro b, 21Tito Puente : Yambeque b, 21Chihuahua Allstars : Descarga Chihuahua b, 21b, 21b, 21b, 21b,121b, 21Show B with Mark Taylor b, 21b, 21b,121b1a href="http://www.sendspace.com/file/myqsz2" target="_blank"1Happy Jazz Show - Part B /a1/b1b,121b,121b, 21Dieter Seelow & Peter Mayer : Masquerade b, 21Quasimode : Dark Beauty b, 21The Soul Jazz Orchestra : Interested Benevolence b, 21Femi Kuti & The Africa 70 : Igbe b, 21Sa E Guarabyra : Ondina Pocone b, 21Joao Donato : Naturalmente b, 21Alvarado : Paraiba b, 21Jean-Claude Naude & The Blowers : Boaf b, 21Big Band Frank Pleyer : Bubble and Squeak b, 21Jacky Giordano : Plank b, 21Max Rocci & His Friends : Il Mondo Del G b, 21Madelaine : Who Is She and What Is She to You b, 21Talc : All at Sea b, 21Quiet Village : Victoria???s Secret b, 21Jon Allen : Going Home b, 21b, 21b, 21b, 21b, 21b, 21b, 21The Happy Jazz show now broadcasts from the following sites...b,121b,121a href="http://www.danceandsoul.com" target="_blank"1www.danceandsoul.com/a1b,121a href="http://www.mondomm.com" target="_blank"1www.mondomm.com/a1 (ON DEMAND)b,121a href="http://www.mondomedeusah.podomatic.com" target="_blank"1www.mondomedeusah.podomatic.com/a1 (ON DEMAND/ PODCASTS PLUS ARCHIVES).b,121a href="http://www.radiopellenera.com" target="_blank"1www.radiopellenera.com/a1 (Every Wednesday 22:00 - 00:00 CET and ON DEMAND).b,121a href="http://www.ducktape.ca" target="_blank"1www.ducktape.ca/a1 (RADIO PAGE PLUS ARCHIVES)b,121a href="http://www.radio42.com" target="_blank"1www.radio42.com/a1 (Every 2nd Sunday - 19:00 - 21:00 CET).b,121a href="http://www.pulseradio.net" target="_blank"1www.pulseradio.net/a1b,121b,121guest mixes archived at...b,121b,121a href="http://www.waxingdeep.org" target="_blank"1www.waxingdeep.org/a1b,121a href="http://www.cosmicsounds-london.com" target="_blank"1www.cosmicsounds-london.com/a1b,121a href="http://www.danceandsoul.com" target="_blank"1www.danceandsoul.com/a1b,121b,121b,121b,121a href="http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HAPPYJAZZSHOW" target="_blank"1WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HAPPYJAZZSHOW/a1b,121b,121b,121For any info, promo material, bookings, etc, please mail at [EMAIL=happyjazz@hotmail.co.uk]happyjazz@hotmail.co.uk[/EMAIL]b,121b,121Our respect and thanks as always go out to...b,121b,121Kaye and Dean - a href="http://www.Danceandsoul.com" target="_blank"1www.Danceandsoul.com/a1b,121Dino & Sy Warwick - a href="http://www.ducktape.ca" target="_blank"1www.ducktape.ca/a1b,121Fabrizio - a href="http://www.radiopellenera.com" target="_blank"1www.radiopellenera.com/a1b,121Donald K - a href="http://www.mondomedeusah.podomatic.com" target="_blank"1www.mondomedeusah.podomatic.com/a1b, 21Bernd - a href="http://www.radio42.com" target="_blank"1www.radio42.com/a1b,121Dan Zacks - a href="http://www.waxingdeep.org" target="_blank"1www.waxingdeep.org/a1b,121Simon & Geoff - a href="http://www.pulseradio.net" target="_blank"1www.pulseradio.net/a1
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