ensoniq eps and asr 10 rack question

matamaticmatamatic 488 Posts
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does anyone know if songs and files saved on an eps are compatible with the asr 10 and vice versa? I thought that they were but I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong when I try to load sounds and song files in...anyone?


  • oldnewsouloldnewsoul 238 Posts
    The ASR is backwards compatible with the Plus. I'm not sure about the EPS.

  • dayday 9,612 Posts
    It's doubtful. The ESP 16+ and the ASR 10 came out after the initial EPS.

    It would be like trying to play a PS2 game on the first Playstation.

    I think the EPS can play Mirage files, which was the fist sampler in the series so i'm guessing what OldNewSoul said is right about backwards compatiblity.

  • matamaticmatamatic 488 Posts
    that sucks....I wanted to leave my asr 10 at the office and use the eps at home for pre production then take it to the office and do the rest on my asr 10....oh well......shit...

  • dayday 9,612 Posts
    No, no, I think that you can do. Just not the other way around using ASR 10 files on the EPS.

    Judging from how the EPS plays the older Mirage sampler's files it's worth a shot trying them on you ASR.

  • m_dejeanm_dejean Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut. 2,946 Posts
    Damn, y'all got me feeling all nostalgic with the Ensoniq talk. Just sold my ASR10 3 months ago. Had it for 10 years. Kinda miss some of the built-in fx and general features. Don't miss the constant crashing when using the internal sequencer .

    Anyway, I would agree on the ASR10 being backwards compatible with the EPS, but not the other way around. Never tried it though, so you never know???

  • JacobWizzleJacobWizzle 1,003 Posts
    You can definitely use eps disks on the asr. I started on a 16+ and now I use the asr. Sometimes I pull out old disks and they work fine.

  • matamaticmatamatic 488 Posts
    the reason I was asking is because I made a beat over the weekend, then I tried to use it on the asr and it didn't work. After that I went into an old stash of beats I made in 96 on the eps and pulled em out. They worked fine on the asr, but the disk with the new beat I made still showed disk not formatted. sucks....maybe I need new disks( I bought the new disks at the local staples)....anyone know where to get better discs maybe?

  • well I finally figured it out. I just need to use double sided, double density disks (which you can't get anywhere but ebay). When you use the double sided, high density disks,(the ones you CAN find at every staples, target, comp USA, etc) you can't use them on both machines. Problem SOLVED! It's a wrap!

  • yo the asr will read those disk.you have to tape the hole on the right bottom of the floppy and it will think it is dd disk.no need to buy those old disk on the bay.I do this with my SP1200 also.
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