EARTH WIND AND FIRE live report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday night 07/22/07 was CRAZY! Best night EVAR. EARTH WIND & FIRE has been my all time favorite band since I was a kid in the 70s. Amazing vocals, incredible arrangements, horn section, Verdine White is one of the best bass players of all time. Maurice White is a damn genius. No band has ever made an impression on me like these dudes. Phillip Bailey? DOPE! I can never get tired of their music. Seriously, I can listen to their albums every day. CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC material.I work with a promoter/production company here in the Seattle area every summer doing production work at two outdoor venues for summer concert series. One is at a big park and the other is at Chateau Ste Michelle winery. Over the years we have had ALL kinds of groups come through. I had lunch with Sheila E., drove the Crusaders and Randy Crawford around and had them all singing along with the sweet soul joints on the mix CD I was playing in the van, had dinner with Hall & Oates, talked about the old "Raydio" records with Ray Parker Jr., dealt with TOO many wack rock bands and "jam" bands to remember. Every old rock band as well! LOL. The Moody Blues, Chicago, Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, etc........ I never trip on these people. Some of them are REALLY cool like Wille Nelson and his crew and some of them are BAT SHIT crazy like Tori Amos and her crew and Fiona Apple. I never get shit autographed, take pictures with them, nothing like that. Then last May I find out that we are doing a show with EARTH WIND & FIRE at the winery this summer. I BUG OUT! I can't believe that I will finally be able to meet these guys. Maurice does not tour any more and the band is now Verdine White, Phillip Bailey and Ralph Johnson with a back up band. Still, IT IS EARTH WIND AND FIRE! We have Lyle Lovett and K.D. Lang at the winery the night before. Lyle actually had a really dope band with him. 16 member band. The up tempo and gospel joints were real nice, but his slower songs almost put me to sleep. We don't get out of the venue till 1:30AM and I'm a little drunk. I get home at 2:00AM and get a few hours sleep. I'm back at the venue at 8:30AM for the load in for EARTH WIND AND FIRE. Eat some breakfast and meet their tour manager and crew. Their tour manager Tony Bulluck is real cool and when I find out he's from Baltimore, we're talking abouy Go Go music all day. We're busy getting ready for the show all day and then at around 4PM I go up to the catering area to get something to drink and Phillip Bailey is just sitting at a table with his boys chillin'. I'm fucking star struck. Dude is mad cool. A few hours later I'm escorting the band to the stage and meet Verdine White and Ralph Johnson. They hit the stage and KILL IT! Sold out show, they have a 9 piece band backing them up. Drummer, 2 guitars, two back up vocalists, horn section and keyboards. Phillip and Ralph alternate on vocals and percussion and Verdine is a monster on the bass. I was thrilled that they played older joints like Evil, Sun Goddess and Devotion. They sounded fantastic. Phillip's voice is still on point and he was hitting all kinds of crazy high notes. I got to stand on stage during the whole set and watch the show from the side of the stage. I was WILDIN'! Usually at a show I am too cool for school with my mean mug ice grill on. All during their set I was singing, clapping my hands, snaping my finers and singing along! LOL. It was amazing. PLAESE not to miss them if they play your town. They still sound great and they put on a hell of a showVerdine, Phillip and Ralph were really nice guys.Here are some pics for you folls.......Verdine White & BCPhillip Bailey & BCRalph Johnson & BCGot my OG ALL 'N ALL singed by Verdine, Phillip and RalphCopy of the set list


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    thats foockin awesome.
    my parents see them whenever they come through the area. maybe i should join them next time.

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    I know BC has a big melon, that means Verdine has a GIANT melon.
    Seriously that dudes face is HUGE.
    Sounds like fun, big ass head and all.

  • Big_ChanBig_Chan 5,088 Posts
    I forgot to mention that Phillip Bailey was playing the kalimba!

  • CosmoCosmo 9,767 Posts

    Fuck, man. That looks like an AWESOME show. Sup Chan? Glad to hear that was fun.

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts

    Fuck, man. That looks like an AWESOME show. Sup Chan? Glad to hear that was fun.
    yeh, that setlist looks nice

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    My parents would listen to them, so i've heard them as long as I can remember. Dope music all the way through. And when it came time to collecting, they were one of the first I sought after. Shit, I was geeked when I copped the S/T album.

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    EWF is GOD.

    There is a PBS documentary on them that is mind melting. Just goes to show how genius Maurice White is.

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    Did any of them have any info on Maurice White? I've heard he's been ill, hope he's on the road to recovery if so.

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    Whuddup Chan???

    I feel like a damn fool for not going. My mind was clouded

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    Did any of them have any info on Maurice White? I've heard he's been ill, hope he's on the road to recovery if so.

    I spoke to Verdine about Maurice. Verdine said that Maurice is doing well, he is just not touring any more. Maurice was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but is still very active in the music business.

    There are some nice covers on the Interpretations album that features current R&B artists doing EWF covers. Mint Condition was on point on this joint!

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    Damn! wish I would've gone

    Thanks for sharing Chan.
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