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Hello to all b boyZ & girlZ, crate digger, funk & jerk lovers ...this is my spring trades housework ... and it's Fun, fresh and funky !!! so just have a look . hope you can find your happiness !i will be happy to trade records ... i have some good records, french stuff,mini jerk ... and other many goodies like wears, book magazine, cd, dvd .. vhs ... and will be happy to trade with sounds for other country and particulary single 45. I'm open so propose to me ! thanks for all !!!! ask me for details !!!! Cheers . Pal ... [email][/email]soul funk jazz stuff, afro latin & brasilian dope, europeans & french fresh grooves, pop rock & progressive spin', NEL OLIVER LPhi-fi womanTRIBE 45coke part 1 & 2MANDRILL 45the road to love - armadilloGWEN MCCRAELive in Paris CDGENO WASHINGTON 45dirty dirty - give' em a handLIL LAVAIR A THE FABULOUS JADES 45 ( reissue )cold heat (vocal & instrumental )MARCHEL IVERY QUINTET APOLLO COMMANDERS EP 45trippin' / charles hunt speak / only you / lowdown popcorn medleyWHATNAUTS ( DEEEP SOUL ) 45we'll always be together (promo copy )BOBBY WOMACK ( SWEET SOUL ) 45woman's gotta have it / give it backMARVIN GAYE LPi want youDAVY JONES ( JANKO NILOVIC ) 45Love / the dream - top french funk5 TH DIMENSION 45don't cha hear callin' to ya . Aquarius/let the sunshine medleyVARIOUS NORTHERN SOUL CLASSICS VOL 2 EP 45Northern soul fr scooterist ep 4titres: the Q, Don thomas, judy street ...LA CARNIVAL 45Pose a question / Can you Hum a tuneEXTENDED MIX CDDj PAL & MR SUPATHE DIPLOMATICS 45 reissuehum bug part 1 & 2SYL JOHNSON 45 reissuedifferent strokes - is it because i'm blackB.B. KING 45philadelphia - up at 5 amBOBY FRANKLIN 45what ever's your sign ( you got to be mine ) long & short versionSYMBOL 8 - 45who's that sexy lady - party life ( disco tune )WAR LPplatinium jazzTHE SHEPPARDS 45island of love - steal away ( R&B)BOBBY GARRETT 45i can't get away ( vocal & instrumental )THE FOUR SONICS 45it takes two - you don't have to say you love me ( northern spin' )SOFTONES 45why,why, baby - that old black musicTHE NEW CENSATION 45come down to earth - i've got nothin' but meBROTHERS SEVEN 45 reissueevil ways - funky smunkTHE CASHMERES 45 reissueshowstopper - let the door hit your backJAMES POLK & THE BROTHERS 45 reissue power struggle - just plain funkPEE WEE ELLIS / JAMES BROWNFUNK BOMB - YOU'VE CHANGERHYTHM HERITAGE LPdisco fieldKOOL AND THE GANG LPlight of the worldKASHMERE STAGE BAND LP reissuezero pointBIG CHEESE RECORDS CD & LPFunk fu 2 ( Monster funk Compilation )DAWSON SMITH 45i don't know if i can make it ( part 1 & 2 ) rare funk french pressOHIO PLAYERS LPskin tightBROTHER TO BROTHER 45in the bottle - the affairFIREBALL LPdrive me to hell ( rare french funk )THE COMPANY ( DESCO BAND )la culebra ( part 1 & 2 )MIGHTY IMPERIALSkick the blanket - toothpickSUGARMAN 3funky so and so ( part 1 & 2 )POETS OF RHYTHMsummerdays (vocal & instrumental)THIRD POINTwelfare line - majestic soulTHE SOUL INVESTIGATORSthe new setting - hot pants on fireNICOLE WILLIS AND THE SOUL INVESTIGATORSfeeling free ( vocal & instrumental )JUICEBOX CDpopcorn 69THE WHITEFIELD BROTHERSrampage - chokin' ( Super single '11 pouces )00 SOUL LPthe solid sounds of the 8-pieces brotherhoodVARIOUS ( LIBERATION JAZZ CHOICE )HERBIE HANCOCKman childROLAND HAYNES2nd waveMANZELmidnight theme ( original - breaks version remixed by kenny dope )MISSUS BEASTLYspace guerillaRAOUL DE SOUZAsweet lucy ( include Banana treekiller groovy jazz )CANNONBALL ADDERLEYwhy (Am i treated so bad) - i'm on my wayROY AYERS UBIQUITYvirgo redJIMMY OWENSjimmy owensNUCLEUSsnakehips etceteraCANNONBALL ADDERLEYsoul of the bible reissueDOUBLE IMAGE ( PROMO ECM ISSUE )dawn ( sueden band )JUGGY MURRAYbuilt for speed part 1 & 2DIZZY GILLESPIESweet soul ( live 77 france )DON BLACK MAN (JAZZ FUNK CLASSIC)VICTOR OLAIYA - ST AUGUSTINElet yourself go/there was a time - papa de loveDEB'S VARIOUS ARTISTS10 succes a tout renverser ( les vikings, les maxel's, henri deb's ... )MONAMAmaseke - n'daya ( afro jazz funk boogie )GAUTHI HELLELambo la moto - Mama teki ( AFRO BEAT )TCHOU TCHOU COMBOlola Aie lolita - touroutoutouBEN ET SA TUMBAmaracaibo - negra lindaDIGNO GARCIAcosta brava - la banda - celos de maria - la felicidadGUY ANTOINETTE & YOUNG LOVERSsega chou chou - guette de cotesMANUEL DE GOMEZ Y SUS CANSADOSsenor que calor - la biciclettaLOS JAIVASmira ninita - cuero y pielJACQUETjacquet ( yo dit soukous )RAY BARRETTOlo mejor de ( special latin soul issue )JOHNNY CONQUET, HIS PIANO AND ORCHESTRAPiano merengue - chachachaCURTIS LOUISARcurtis louisarLES GYPSIESde petion-ville, haitiCOUPE CLOUEL' essentielMONGO SANTAMARIANOT HARDLY - HAPPY NOW - DON'T BOTHER ME NO MORE - WATERMELON MANJHO ARCHER AND HIS AFRICAN SYSTEMfeeling fire, no reply girlDIGNO GARCIA Y SUS CARIOSla felicidad, amanesser cubano, la la la, costa bravaLA GUERILLA ( AFRO ANTILLES )bojino / laissez ti-n'hom douaTOQUE VIOLAO & GUITARA ( DISCO DIDATICOToque violao & guitara ( N??4 ) include 2 top jazz funk brasilian groovesMARIA BETHAN
IArecital na boite barrocoELIZETH CARDOSOpreciso aprender a ser so ( vol 2)ELIZETH CARDOSOpreciso aprender a ser so ( vol 1)WILSON SIMONALalegria alegriaZEIQUA PACHECOS ET SON ORCHESTREPRAIA DO SONHO - AMOR DAS FERIAS ( GREAT BOSSA JAZZ )GILBERT GOVAERTSsamba de una note - hoje en recife - giliberto ( french bossa nova )WILSON SIMONALdingue li bangue - nega tijucanaDJALMA FERREIRArio carnaval sambaLUIS BONFA - ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIMOrfeu negro (ost)WILSON SIMONALA banda - disparada - quem samba fica - mascara negra ( great 60's bossa & samba )NICOLETTAfio maravilla - ripailleSIMONETTI ORCHESTRAHITS FROM BRAZIL ( MEDITACAO - PALHACADA - SINCOPADO TRISTE ...LUCCIANO PERRONE ( INCROYABLE BRESIL )Soundtrack ... batucada brasiliera ep 4 titresLOS CHINGOLITOS ( SAMBA JERK )Orly ep 6 titres ( oriental pretty doll, who in future ? )JOHNNY CONQUET AND HIS BOSSA NOTERSpiano bossa nova / granadaGLORIA LASSOOrfeu negro film ( manha de carnaval, adieu tristesse, venus, parfait de changez rien )GERALDO VANDRE ET BENVIRALa passion bresilienne ( benvira, na terra como no ceu )ELIZETH CARDOSO Y ZIMBO TRIOElizeth Cardoso Zimbo trio Jacob do Bandolin y Epoca de ouro( live )BRASILIAN ODEON DELEGATIONBRAZIL AND ITS MUSIC ( rare Promo issue only ) Cannes Advertising film festival 73MARIA D' APPARECIDA ( BADEN POWELL )a volta / quaquaraquaquaELSA SOARESbloco de sujo / bahia de todos os deusesLIMA ( EUROPE 1 ) BOSSA NOVA 70'Sinfo - detente PIANO BOSSA NOVAORCHESTRE SANTO CHICO ( BRASIL STUFF )CORNELL CAMPBELL & THE ETERNALSyou're no good - pity the children ( top soulful reggae )KEITH POPPINsome a dem ago shame - versionMILLIEmy boy lollipop - oh henryTHE SOUL STEPPERSthe feeling is real - Death comesBIG YOUTH & ORCHESTRAten against one / idi aminWINSTON SCOTLAND / DENNIS ALCAPONEon the track / fine style ( produced by prince tony )JACKIE ROBINSONwarm and tender love / love is a gameCABLES / SOUND DIMENSION BANDbaby why ( + version ) reissueDAVE & ANSEL COLLINSheavy boomerang + 1THE SMOKEEP 4 titres ( my friend jack - don't lead me on - we can take it - waterfall )FEVER EXPLORATION - L' ALLIANCETerpsy - bye bye l' amourT BONE WALKER & BERNARD ESTARDYLong lost lover, every day i have the bluesBLACKOUT ACETATE LIBRARYblackout ultra rare Acetate of this obscure library from UKFRANK & ALAIN DAVIDPOP STAR SYSTEM - HISTOIRE D' AMOURLES VIBRATIONSFEMMES PART 1 & 2 ( SEXADELIC TUNE )STRANGELOVESNIGHT TIME - NO JIVE ( JERK )REX HAMILTONdolanne melodie ( include Pink lady )MAT 3laisser dire, laisser faire - bienvenue au paradisC.C.S.BSIOUX CITY JUNCTION - TOMAHAWK ( PERCU BREAKS )IZHAR COHEN AND ALPHA BETAa-ba-ni-bi - illusionsPOP POETRY ( YAN TREGGER )to be or not to be - etre ou ne pas etreGEMELLO TWINSslag slag solution ( vocal & instrumental )ALAYA REDthe mighty - safari ( afro jerk progressive )THE SOUND OF CRISS CROSSbangla-desh - blue kirieOMEGA GROUP ( TANC DALOK )pearls in her hair - petroleum lanternPETR NOVAKjdi dal - bez hlavy rytirZLATNO DOBA ROK GRUPAjet set - zlatno dobaANDRE POPPtric trac ( vocal-instrumental )F.AMADEO ORCHESTREspleen - for ever ( jerk ) - enqueteSERGE FRANKLINBlack SunMICHEL POLNAREFFpolnareff'sRON CAPONE ( I. TREGGER )Black soul train - gloo gloo water trumpetNILSMENle winston - the sand step ( 2 great jerks )LARSEN N?? 21 MAGAZINE + EP 6 TITRESSheetah & wessmuller - chien mechant + 5NIEMENvol 2 ( MUZA SXL 0896 )LES TRETEAUX COMPILATIONle schmilblickLES TRETEAUX COMPILATIONn??31LES TRETEAUX COMPILATIONVaninaSP DISCOTHEQUE (G. BACRI) FRENCHPromo 45 / MarketDOC & PROHIBITIONNothing is changed - supermanNEW BLACK GROUP (AFROFRENCHJERK)mitton beach / jungle cryREADERS DIGEST ??? LA STEREOPHONIEREADERS DIGEST ??? La St??r??ophonie Qu???est Ce Que C???estJOHN MUSYdansez le rock steady ( rock steady - c' est pour rire )DELTA QUEEN ( MINI SOUL FRENCH INSTRU )delta bluesACHILLE ET LES SLAGMENslag / Stop 27 ( groovy french pop ) orchestre claude robertJEAN MUSY ET SON ORCHESTREhommage a ray charles ( hit road jack, georgia, my bonny, i can't stop loving you )METRO (YUKA TAKAYAMA, SHINSUKE SUNOHAR)Heaven only knows, paradise lostTYRONE SCOTT AND TRUTH (GROOVY )feeling like it's gone / barbaraLE BARON ( ALAN FEANCH )piano flute, le sifflet du baronSKINS ( GROOVY FRENCH PROG )equiana / kinshasaDAVID WHITAKER ( LOULOU GASTE ) FRENCHStrip poker at caesar's palace ( big breaks jerk )ROTATION ( FUNNY GROOVE )Rotation , ra ta taRESONANCE " FUNNY GROOVE "ANDRE POPPPiccolo et saxo ?? music cityDUKE OF BURLINGTONFlash, 30 60 90STELLIUSWhat i'd like; i want a girlPIERRE HENRY MICHEL COLOMBIERMesse pour le temps presentLES REQUINSsweet laurieOSANNA / DELIRIANACLAUDE VASORI - SAMY SUMACmedium - en ecoutant la pluiePAUL MILLE ET SON ORCHESTREbarbara B - walking on the purple bridgePHIL WOODS & HIS EUROPEAN RHYTHM MACHINERare french jazz AL MONE IONShaute tension - electrolyse - alternatif - trphaseCLAUDE BOLLING TRIOchina boy - wang wang blues - chinatown - bulles de savonMICHEL LEGRAND & LES FONTANAjazz panorama ( special ep 11 titres )DOUBLE SIX +
QUINCY JONESles double six rencontrent quincy jones ( french scatt jazz vocals )DOUBLE SIXles double six lp / 60, 61, 62 recordingsJEAN D' ALBI ET D. DORIZOrgorama ( rare fench organ )FRANCE GALL ( A.GORAGUER )jazz a gogo - la cloche - soyons sage - mes premieres vraies vacancesDAVID ALEXANDRE WINTERqu' est ce que j' ai dans?? ( french r&b soul ) - oh lady mary - ne ferme pas tes yeux - la priereUTAbeaudelaire - hier aujourd'hui demainHENDRYCKX MARCELpop ka - papa popCHARLES AZNAVOURles plaisirs d??mod??s - me voil?? seulJAQUES DUTRONCrestons francais, soyons gaulois ( jerk ) - a la vie a l' amourMICHEL POLNAREFFle bal des laze - le temps a laiss?? son manteau - encore un mois - y'a qu' un ch'veuJEAN CLAUDE DECAMPpourquoi pas - mister brady - c' etait la fete - ahhh !!! apres toutDE GIAFFERIsur le port de st tropez - dansez la gegerquePHILIPPE MONET ( La compagnie )la main qui tire, la main qui tue - plus loin que les frontieresROGER PLANCARDE & ERIC SIOTAEVASION - CELA SERT A RIENJACQUES DUTRONC ( 68 POP )les metamorphoses - la metaphore - le courrier du coeur - ca prend, ca n' prend pasCLERC JULIEN / DANNY HURD (HAIR)hair - laissons entrer le soleil ( let the sunshine in ) french vocalFRANK & NANCY SINATRA ( 1ER TIME )Somethin' stupid / somewhere my love / coastin' / love eyes ...ZANINI ET LES SWINGERStu veux ou tu veux pas, ca balance terribleFRANCE GALL ( A.GORAGUER ) JAZZ DANCERSle coeur qui jazze ( 60's jazz vocal )BERT SOMMERwe're all playing in the same band - it's a beautiful day ( rare folk pop )QUESTION MARK AND THE MYSTERIANS96 tears - i need somebody - midnight hour - 8 teenBISHOP INVADERSKYLIE'S HEROES - PASSENGERSSWEET FEELINGALL TOGETHER - ROCK ME BABY ( FRENCH PROG )MARCUS HOOK ROLL BANDboogalooing is wooing - natural manJUNGLE'S MENjungle's mandolino - la racchiaLALLY STOTTjakaranda - love is free, love is blind, love is goodFEATHERS ( DAVID BOWIE )supermen - the ching a ling songONEstop pulling and pushing me - nearer the boneCHICAGO ( GREAT BREAKS )i'm a man ( part 1 & 2 )SANTANAtaboo - No one to defend onJUDY COLLINSGONGFlying teapotSWEATHOGHALLELUJAH ( PROMO RADIO COPY )SWEET SMOKEJust a poke ( silly sally, baby night )UT ( ITALIAN PROGRESSIVE POP )nel 3000 D.C, homoLOVE SCULPTURE ( EDMUNDS )think of love, sabre dance (Progressive 70's)PALADIN ( EUROPEAN ORGAN GROOVE )Get one togetherCAT MOTHER AND THE ALL NIGHT NEWS BOYSBad News / Good Old rock'n'rollENNIO MORRICONEle trio infernal ( requiem a l' acide sulfurique - acide et charme )BJORN & BENNYINGA OST ( SHE'S MY KIND OF GIRL - INGA THEME )ALAN J. PAKULAKLUTE OST ( jane fonda - donald sutherland )RICHARD BROOKSla chatte sur un toit brulant elizabeth taylor, paul newmanHOWARD HAWKSLa dame du vendredi his girl friday VF DVD ... garry grant, rosalind russell ...ERICH VON STROHEIMfolies de femmes OST foolish wives DVD VFJOHN SCHLESINGER - WALDO SALTOMacadam cowboy OST ( dustin offman & john voight ) VHSPEDRO ALMODOVARparle avec elle - ost VHS VFARTHUR PENNbonnie and clyde OST ( warren beaty, faye dunaway, gene hackman )DENYS DE LA PATELLIERE OSTDU RIFIFI A PANAME ( gabin, mireille Darc, george raft, claude brasseur )JIMMY BOWEN ORCHESTRA & FRIENDSvanishing point ( point limite zero )JACQUES LOUSSIER & ALAN BOWN SETJeu de massacre (psych french OST )MICHEL MAGNE - ANDRE HUNEBELLEFantomas (complet 3 ost )NICOLAS ERRERA ( REISER )vive les femmesFRANCOIS DE ROUBAIXl'homme orchestreGEORGES DELERUE - B. BARDOT - J. MOREAUviva maria ( ost )? PROMO french vocals samples QUINCY JONESdollarRAYMOND LEFEVRE( including "Jo" ost orchestral mini jerk )CLAUDE BOLLINGborsalinoENNIO MORRICONEle serpentMICHAEL NASSER AND MANDRILLAli bom ba ye ( part 1 & 2 )DOUG PRAY MOVIE SCRATCH DVDSCRATCH ( with dj shadow, cut chemist, q bert & co )HAIR UK CAST WITH VINCE EDWARDS ...Hair ( uk cast ) Aquarius - ain't got noDON JULIAN - SAVAGE OST ( VHS )Killer OST Savage VHS ( PAL format )CLAUDE CIARI AND BATUCADA'S SEVENtheme du film Traffic - vinde, vinde companheirosDANNY HURD & COhair ( french version )COMPAGNIE STE CROIX ET LES HOLLY CROSStrois hommes dans un bachot ( theater movie ) Promo onlyRAYMOND LEFEVRE ET SON ORCHESTREN??12LA COURSE DU LIEVRE A TRAVERS LES CHAMPSLA COURSE DU LIEVRE A TRAVERS LES CHAMPS - JL TRINTIGNANT FILM BY RENE CLEMENT1 HOMME A ABATTRE - PHILIPPE CONDROYER1 HOMME A ABATTRE - WITH JL TRINTIGNANT ...125 RUE MONTMARTRE - GILLES GRANGIER VHS125 RUE MONTMARTRE - AVEC LINO VENTURA ET DIALOG BY MICHEL AUDIARTRAZZIA SUR LA CHNOUF - HENRI DECOINRAZZIA SUR LA CHNOUF ( CLASSIC FRENCH DOPE FILM ) WITH JEAN GABIN & LINO VENTURALES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT VHSLES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT FILM BY JACQUES DEMI ( CATHERINE DENEUVE & FRANCOISE D' ORLEAC )FRENCH CONNECTION VHS FRENCH VERSIONfrench connection with gene hackmanBARBARELLA 70'S FILM VHS (PAL SECAM)barbarella / roger vadim film with jane fonda ( french version )SHEEBA BABY VHS PAL SECAMSheeba baby ( flic de choc ) BLaxploitation movieSAMMY DAVIS JR - J GERSHENSONSweet charity soundtrackGOLDEN INSTITUTE WITH RYAN KERRsound of san fransiscoJEAN MARTIN, JEAN MUSY (MICHEL AUDIARD)MURDERING ( BO UNE VEUVE EN OR )DINO, DESI & BILLYFollow me ( Soundtracks: thru spray colored glasses, someday )BIG DOLL HOUSE - BLAXPLOITATION VHSSuper fly serie from uk ( format PAL )BUCKTOWN ( BLAXPLOITATION
VHS )70's Soul cinema seriesFRANCOIX DE ROUBAIX VOL 1 ( HOMME ORCHESTRE)VARIOUS ARTISTSink audio ( only for dj's )RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY ( VARIOUS )fuckwatchusay - soulthangTEAS & SUPERHEIGHTSHome taping project ( limited issue )10.00 ???MASTERS AT WORK , HOKUS POKUS ...Dj International records ( various artists )COLDCUTNINJA TUNE CD ROMMONEY MARKinsects are all around us / cryPARIS RARE GROOVE DAY SHIRTgreen army with Red color serigraphy ( Male M Size )POP MUSIC REVOLUTION BOOK12 pages Bi color ( black and red colors ) about pop music generation.BULLIT POSTERColor POSTER from Bullit OSTBLACK BELT JONES POSTERCOLOR POSTER ( 100/50 )BIG DADDY MAGAZINE + CDISSUE 12 ( TOP FUNK PRINT MAG ) + CD COMPILATIONBIG DADDY MAGAZINEISSUE 11 ( TOP FUNK PRINT MAG )BIG DADDY MAGAZINE + CDISSUE 9 ( TOP FUNK PRINT MAG ) + CD COMPILATIONBIG DADDY MAGAZINEISSUE 6 ( TOP FUNK PRINT MAG )BIG DADDY MAGAZINEISSUE 5 ( TOP FUNK PRINT MAG )BIG DADDY MAGAZINEISSUE 4 ( TOP FUNK PRINT MAG )BIG DADDY MAGAZINEISSUE SUMMER 99NORTH AMERICAN LIVE PAINTINGS SERIE BOOKHEAVYWEIGHT ART INSTALLATION ( TOP SOULFUL PAINTINGS )ANTONIONI BLOW UP POSTERBLOW UP ( 2 sides color poster )MIDI-MINUIT FANTASTIQUE60'S FANTASTIQUE OST BOOK ( Rare & Top NB pictures ) N?? 15-16VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE ( 26 )special Soul music - donny hathaway - stax records - de la soul - james carter ...VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE ( 22 )curtis mayfield - Goran Bregovic - saint germain - Galliano, le jazz sud africain ...VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE ( 21 )mos def - funkadelik - bill laswell - gilles peterson - emir kusturica ...EURO CINEMA MAGAZINE 70'S65 pages ( articles, interviews, rares pictures OST )PLAY CINEMA 70'S MAGAZINE N??1050 pages with color photos ( films, interviews & beautifull chicks )PARIS RARE GROOVE DAY SHIRTedition 2006 ( only XL size )PARIS RARE GROOVE DAY SHIRTSHIRT MALE, SIZE ( M-L)ALERTE SATELLITE - SYNOPSYS FRENCH31 cm / 24 cm tricolor ( recto verso )BREAKIN POINT MAGAZINE + CD COMPILATIONvol 2 issue 3 ( july august 2000 )BREAKIN POINT MAGAZINE + CD COMPILATIONvol 2 issue 1 ( march april 2000)BREAKIN POINT MAGAZINE + CD SOUND VIDEOvolume 2 issue 2 ( june 2000 )BREAKIN POINT MAGAZINE + CD MIXEDvol 2 issue 6 ( may 2001)BREAKIN POINT MAGAZINE + CD COMPILATIONvol 2 issue 4 ( nov dec 2000)FEDERICO FELLINI / DOLCE VITALA DOLCE VITA ( AFFICHE FILM 120 / 50 CM )PALDESIGN ( POSTER 300 G ) 70/100 CMWelcome to funky Town ( illustration offset print limited )PALDESIGN BOOK + CD COMPILATIONGraphic paintings ( livret, goodies + soulful 70s )POLAROID OLDSHOOL MODEL !POLAROID / PICTURE CAMERA / ISSUE 640 COLOR ( include flash )Palprod "The Soulful Spirit Agency"Official Web site:


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