Detroit Soul Niter: Friday March 16th

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this Friday, March 16, 2007(and every third Friday)Northern Soul NightD.J.'s Brad Hales and Breck T. Bunce play rare 60's & 70's(and even a couple 80's) 45's for dancing. Northern Soul returns to one of it's spiritual homes: Detroit! Not funk night, but instead, tons of Detroit/Chicago classics, Sweet Soul, crossover, Tamla-Motown,rough R&B, a few modern gems as well...and, it's only a short walkfrom Hitsville U.S.A. Join us for the best in obscure and truly magicalunderground American R&B. One of the only late night events of itskind on this continent? Midnight, $5 Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit5141 Rosa Parks, Detroit 48208[/b]


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    see you friday!!

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    SOOOO happy to hear that this is coming together. This night should be mandatory for all real headz within 100 miles.

    Any soul fan considering going to this needs to man up and mark it on the calendar in blood. I have a hard time imagining another soul night in the Midwest that could boast deeper or better soul music.

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    fuck.. wanted to go to this, but had an early morning. ug, ill let my d heads know whats up.

    keep it up mayne.
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