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...Kill the noise about crazy bitches, though (there are two sides to every story). For those of you with good girlfriends, throw out some appreciation and reaffirm why you love them. I don't know these people, by the way.May 23, 2005Dear Davey:I have had a difficult time, over the past few years, achieving closure of our relationship. It is time for me to seek this. I have gone through the appropriate stages of anger, remorse, sadness. It is now time for me to close this chapter of my life.I am trying to recapture my life and gain a sense of identity back. In my professional life I have done this, but my personal life struggles. For so long I/We were "Sarah and Davey", that it is hard to gain my own identity back. I am not worried about my career; I will soon succeed even my wildest dreams. I am just stunted by my personal life.I am ready to release you from my life. I also on a weekly basis encounter people who want to tell me about you or have a discussion about you. I do not want to deal with this anymore. I do have a proposal on how to handle this.I am ready to no longer be forced to deal with your presence. As to how to deal with it, I propose the following:1. I've heard you have an apartment on the West side. You need to move out of the West side of Indianapolis, this has always been my side of town, I own a house here, and do not rent like you. I grew up here, and always want to live here. I would prefer if you were to leave Indianapolis all together, but I know this is more than I can ask. I do not want to risk running into you at any store.2. We should officially divide our friends. Particularly Jim, Jillian, Amy, and Ed. You should write them, thanking them for the opportunity to be their friend and explain why you can no longer be in contact with them. I can provide you with addresses, if you need.3. I will stay out of Republican politics. I promise not to get involved with any Republican politics, unless my father runs for judge, and than I reserve the right to work on his campaign.4. I would like you to not have anything to do with all things Cathedral. I feel I should have ownership of the school since my mother works there and my brother and sisters went there. You are more tied to Wabash. This should be where you dedicate your alumni status. I will be involved in Cathedral. When the time of reunions comes up, I am willing to say that you can have the reunions ending in "0" years and I will take the"5" years. So you can have 10 years and I will take 25 years.5. I will avoid Wabash contacts. The few guys from the house I still speak to on a rare basis, I will not. I will also discourage any male offspring I have from attending Wabash. I know some of these things seem a bit harsh, but I feel they are for the best. I do not ever really wish to see you again. I know thatthis will of course happen beyond my control, but I think we should doour best to avoid what we can.It is my sincere hope that you understand, and do take the time to respond. This is my last request of you.With fondness,Sarah________________________________________________________________________May 31, 2005Dear Sarah,Thanks for your letter. We broke up 3 years ago. Knowing that and taking into consideration you believe me to be a cold, career focused, ego-maniac, what on earth makes you think I would take the time to think about you or agree to your proposal? But since I clearly have taken the time to respond, please take a moment to review some comments and counterproposals I have crafted.1. First, I will have to resist the burning urge to move RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOU. After that deep desire subsides, I will vacate the Westside and return to my roots: The Snooty Northside, as you used to call it. However, since I was born on the Northside and I have Northside in my veins you must abdicate all ties to the North. This includes: Living on the Northside, living on the Northeastside, walking down North Street, being a fan of the Dallas Stars (formerly the Minnesota North Stars), wearing North Face apparel or telling your children that Santa lives at the North Pole. 1 (B). I was born in Indianapolis before you were so I should really get to determine who stays and who goes. In my benevolence I will let you exist here only within the St. Michael's Parish boundary (MLK Dr. to High School Rd. and 56th Street to 10th St.) We will call this the SarahZone. This should be acceptable for you as your family lives across the street and there is a gas station, grocery, convenience store, your place of employment and a fire station. Exceptions can be made with my expressed written consent. You will be required to display a large tag in your windshield giving you permission to travel beyond the SarahZone.2. I haven't talked to your friends since we broke up. I think they got the message. However since we apparently are still in fourth grade, please have your friends meet me by the playground at recess so that I can tell them they have big fat heads and they aren't my friends anymore. Do you agree? _______Yes ________No ________Maybe 2(B). One of the few times you let us do something fun, we visited some of myfamily friends on Geist. It was about eight years ago. We enjoyed their boat and home for several hours during a pre-500 party. Please jot them a note saying you are going to forget that ever happened. Please also offer to reimburse them for the boat gas, pool chlorine, air conditioning Freon, Dr.Pepper and anything else you consumed while you were there. I don't have their address anymore, you can look it up.3. Please let me know when your father runs for anything. I'm going to run against him. 3 (B). Thanks for staying out of Republican politics. Your heavyweight presence in the party will be sorely missed. I am very involved in ice hockey. I play recreationally and coach a youth team in the winter. I would prefer it if you could stop being involved in all things related to ice and ice hockey . You can use those instant first aid coldpaks to cool your drinks from now on. Also, my parents have been very involved with the Indianapolis 500 Festival for nearly 20 years. The month of May is really a big month for us. While I am not able to honor your request of moving out of Indianapolis, I would ask that you just leave Town during May. With 250,000 fans going to the race and 35,000 runners in the Mini-Marathon, I don't want to run the risk of bumping into you. I know your birthday is in May, but man, I just don't care.4. Christ, I don't have the energy for this one.5. If any of my friends from Wabash actually still talk to you, they are fucking fired as friends. 5 (B). I'm not going to tell my kids anything about you. But speaking of kids, it would be okay with me if my son was a crack addict, just as long as he got your kids hooked on it and became their dealer.In closing, I will never make decisions about my life or my family based onwhether I might run into you at the store. I am now convinced that if weever do bump into each other, you will spontaneously combust. I wish youthe best of luck find a spouse. Seriously. It won't be easy to find a person who is willing to spend the rest of his life raising children and making decisions based on your crazy-ass proposal to an ex-boyfriend andyour inability to act like a rational human being.All my best,Davey


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    Where'd you get these?

  • coselmedcoselmed 1,114 Posts
    The internets.

    Seriously, everyone in Davey's circle of friends seems to be forwarding it, and a friend of my friend happens to be in the circle.

    He prefaced it with the following:

    Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 14:16:18 -0700 (PDT)

    From: **********@yahoo.com

    Subject: Davey **** presents: "An Ode to Instability"

    Friends, Some of you may remember by ex-girlfriend Sarah. I recently recieved a letter from her. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read it and review my response. I hope all of you are well.

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    this shit is great.

    If i was Davey, i would forward that shit everywhere

  • The internets.

    Seriously, everyone in Davey's circle of friends seems to be forwarding it, and a friend of my friend happens to be in the circle.

    He prefaced it with the following:

    Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 14:16:18 -0700 (PDT)
    From: **********@yahoo.com
    Subject: Davey **** presents: "An Ode to Instability"

    Friends, Some of you may remember by ex-girlfriend Sarah. I recently recieved a letter from her. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read it and review my response. I hope all of you are well.

    This is fucking genius. I love people like this girl.

    Super big shout out to my girl who appreciates having little to no drama in our lives. Coselmed, this isn't the only thing i could think of but keepin in line with this post it is much much appreciated.

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    I'll let you have the friends, baby, but don't take my republican party away from me.


  • With any luck all Republican wives are just like this...

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    ...Kill the noise about crazy bitches, though.

    track 20 is the other xtaci on this cd, song called "an hoe". this is part of that new wave of get buck females here in georgia like crime mob and miss b with 'bottle action' and even that brooke valentine 'girl fight'. all inspired by chyna white, rowdy bitches comin outta memphis, and how reckless la chat usedta speak to other females on her songs. now for all these singles you hear lately i still aint seen any actual girls throwin down, at the club or otherwise. maybe im just not fuckin with the real violent clubs but i simply have not seen it. when i was back in high school in south carolina we had all those gangsta ass redneck bitches who would start pullin hair over nothin, i remember this one ripped out another girls cheek with all the keys in her keychain made into a claw, blood and slobber fallin everywhere. that was not really the sexy type of girl fight.

    from http://gelandweave.blogspot.com/

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    Shit has a reeking smell of ultra-creative internet hoax! However, there are pathologically insane people such as lovely Sarah (?) with control issues. If shit is true, I'll never date a girl name Sarah from Indy!

  • coselmedcoselmed 1,114 Posts
    Shit has a reeking smell of ultra-creative internet hoax!

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

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    Hahahaha, man this shit is funny. My ex-girl is kinda nutso. She started a paypal account in my name one day when she "borrowed" my credit card to buy some "stuff," This was when my naive self trusted people a little more freely. After being broken up for a year, I'm looking over my online bank statement, and notice a paypal purchase. I didn't even know I had an account. So I call her on it, and she's like "Fuck you for suggesting I would do this on purpose, it was an accident." Had to cancel my card and everything and get a new one, just funny shit. I was on the Davey tip, writing her messages titled "Merry Christmas!" saying "Well, I checked my list, and it appears that...yes, you have been nice! What's that? Oh, a new camera? Well lookie here, I got one right here for you! Enjoy!" Didn't even ask for the money back, I was just like Stay the fuck outta my life.

    MAJOR shots go out to my current girlfriend who is crazy, but in the best way possible!

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts
    Hey Coselmed,

    Oh my, that Sarah is a raging narcissist!!! Does she really think that she's that important for Davey to totally re-arrange his life based on her self-serving whims? My response would be "Fuck you, Sarah!!! I'll remain friends with whomever I damn well please, go wherever the hell I want, and participate in whatever political party I choose. Who in the hell do you think you are telling me how to live? Trust me, I'll never seek your crazy-ass out, and if I see you, I won't speak. Have a nice life." Damn, Sarah is a drama queen who really needs some psychological help, and that's word!

    I had a crazy bitch camp outside my apartment once while I had a woman over. Ole' girl had hit my pager 1,000 times during my date. I wasn't even going out with her exclusively, but she found it necessary to track my movements. Needless to say, I deaded the whole association after her psycho phone call to inform me of what she had done. Ironically, I ended up marrying my visitor!!!


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    NOICE! Props to all Daveys in tha world. XXXtra big prop to all Sarahs in the world for providing comic relief when DChappelle is AWOL.

  • NOICE! Props to all Daveys in tha world. XXXtra big prop to all Sarahs in the world for providing comic relief when DChappelle is AWOL.

    DC just did an impromptu stand up show out here in LA. herad he killed. and once he runs out of money he will gladly do a half baked 2.

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    Ironically, I ended up marrying my visitor!!!

    Lovin it!

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    This shit is genius. I would of totally responded the same way, but with waaaaaaaaaay more spelling mistakes and gramatical errors.

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    You have to give Davey credit for being so witty in his response. Coselmed, if you've got more details, inquring minds want to know! I can't begin to fathom what the woman is like. Shit's hysterical!

  • Sorry to bring up Chappelle Show for the 1000000000000th time on the Strut, but this reminds me of the skit where everything looks cooler in slow-motion. Dave walks into the club in slow-motion and everyone is staring at him. A girl comes up to try and holler and, without even looking, he puts his hand over her whole face and just slowly pushes her out of his way.
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