Your Favorite 3 Chow Sing Chi Flick?

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For those that where down before Shaolin Soccer....I would have to say:From Bejing w/ Love, God of Gamblers 3, and his last one...


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    From Beijing With Love - Saw this in the theater in Hong Kong when it came out!

    God of Gamblers 3 Back to Shanghai - Gong Li playing twin sisters? Yes please! Wong Jing is a fool!!

    God of Cookery - Mad funny. I have a huge HK poster for this one.

    Other joints:

    Love on Delivery - Pretty funny and Christy Chung is DUMB HOT! Chow Sing Chi is foolionic doing Ultraman!

    Fist of Fury 1991 - Great Bruce Lee impersonations. Chow Sing Chi is a HUGE Bruce Lee fan.

    Fight Back to School series

    Royal Tramp

    His serious role in John Woo's "Just Heroes"

    Legend of The Dragon - His first starring role. Also stars Yuen Wah. Mad funny story about a snooker champion. More Bruce Lee tributes in this too.

    Shout out to the hommie Ng Man Tat for being such a fool in all the Chow Sing Chi movies...

  • Damn Chan, movies, music, wine, food. What don't you know about!

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    Damn Chan, movies, music, wine, food. What don't you know about!


    I KEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chan is that dude!!

  • AserAser 2,351 Posts

    Fight Back to School

    God of Cookery

    so mo lei tau, come celebrate his catalogue here.

  • IronfeetIronfeet 516 Posts

    Fight Back to School

    Yes! The Fight Back to School series I almost forgot, classics I think I will peep out 1 this weekend! Word...

    & BIG CHAN Knows everything!

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    Great timing with this thread...been watching nothing but Stephen Chau movies on "boardband TV" here in HK for the past couple of weeks.

    God of Gambler 2 - His breakout movie role. Chau-ish gags coming in all direction every 3 mins. Pure gold.

    From Beijing with Love - "The god of briefcase" scene is a classic.

    a TVB serial called "The Justice of Life" aired in the mid-80s - can you imagine experiencing the magic of Chau with Ng Man Tat every weeknight for two months straight?
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