Record help (The Bay / Shabba Related)

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So the other day I pick up these records...I just need some info.Record 1:Shabba Ranks - Golden TouchRegular black sleevelabel has hand written stickers on it (LP name, track listing, catalog #)Two Friends Records distributed by VP in jamaica NY.Came with a promo sheetRecord 2:Rappin Mama by Lois ShayneSabteca Records in OaklandCame with a promo sheet and 8 X 10Promo sheet addressed to Bill Rickett / Ricketts record pool in NJApparently had Felton Pilate, one of Hammer's producers back in the dayPressed in 1990Any info?


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    dont know the bay record youre speaking of but felton pilate (aka the head honcho of confunkshun) was one of the first cats to really get local rap music pressed onto vinyl/tape with good quality. in the 80s and 90s youll see his name on a lot of rap and soul records. very influential.
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