Beijing - what's good???

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So I am in Beijing for the next two weeks for work. I won't have many large chunks of time where I will not be working, but I will have some 3-5 hour windows. What should I do (besides seeing the forbidden city, tienaman square, etc)?Anyone been here? Any tips?thanks in advance...


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    Raise of the flag at tienamen square after a morning jog. Nightime justwalk aimlessly down that shining uber main street you ll get to a park with a fuckedup outdoor museum. Go eat in ghetto places in town and play majong in the streets if you know how to. Forbidden city is cool but there is a sick zen emperor guarden. (taxis are super cheap so never let distance stop you)
    sorry this is all from memeory and i cant really help with precision but. The whole city is a trip in itself just explore and have a good time.

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    Northern Chinese cuisine like you've never tasted before! absolutely essential! the mouth-watering meat dumplings, the wonderful fried noodles, the jaw dropping steamboat with sliced tender lamb meat, the steammy buns, the mindblowing dessert...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! flight tickets now in great prices too!

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