suggestions 4 House Party Heaters in the SF Bay...

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So, I haven't done one of these in a while and am looking forward to the mixed crowd of partyers and record geeks crammed into a small SF livingroom somwhere on the Haight...I consider myself someone who falls into both categories...@ any rate...would love some heater suggestions to get shit going and maintaining for my 3-5 hour set. I got the serato dildo so Mp3 links would be appreciated...titles too...I got a GOOD idea of what to do, but I'm lookin for that secret shit that you only tell strutters on the internet in your best sexy digitized internet voice...all genres welcome...


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    okay...i'm serious...i want your help...say some obvious's okay...

    how about lionel richie all night long to get you started!
    (knowing soulstrut I will get critized for saying this before I actually get a suggestion...)

    come on homies...

  • madonna
    michael jack
    laid back "white horse"
    le tigre "decepticon (dfa remix)"
    no rap music unless it's "ironic"

    or maybe that's just my crowds.

  • nah but for real, consider who's gonna be there. kids, grown folks, tight pants, baggy pants...? music nerds, regular folks? is everyone friends, or is it a bunch of different groups? that's all important stuff to keep in mind when you fill your crates.

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    haddaway-what is love, for some serious "oh no he didn't" looks dissolving into dance floor chaos.

  • dre dog "smoke dope and rap"

  • haddaway-what is love, for some serious "oh no he didn't" looks dissolving into dance floor chaos.

    is this spanglish for 'holloway', like loleatta?

    regardless, if you've got the boogie/disco thing going on, drop 'love sensation' (shep pettibone mix) - people love that shit, 'specially when it gets to the markie mark sample

    oh, and bettie davis eyes.

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    haddaway-what is love, for some serious "oh no he didn't" looks dissolving into dance floor chaos.
    bastard...i offer you my tutelage and you give me a steamy pile of poop...damn you maru...damn you...

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    i mean it really depends on the crowd. i assume you know these people better than we do so it's hard for us to say what people are going to dig. you're going to have 3-5 hours anyways + serato so you have a lot of room to fuck around and experiment.

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    i just want some jams...that's all...don't analyze...just suggest what you would want to dance I enjoyed dancing to ghost town DJs @ XXXplosive so I'm gonna bite that...ya heard...just sumthin simple...

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    Project Pat - Fight

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  • e-z feel upp style

    warm ups:
    nu shooz- i can't wait
    strafe- set it off
    bb&q band- dreamer

    puttin a mellow beat in yo stepp:
    edwin birdsong- rapper dapper snapper
    grace jones- pull up to the bumper
    soul II soul- back 2 life
    toto- georgy porgy
    jade- don't walk away (!?!!)

    partay time (nostalgia is calling):
    throw in a lisa lisa song here or there
    connie- funky little beat
    class action- weekend
    mac dre- dredio
    royal ca$h- radio activity
    ronnie hudson- west coast poplock

    obvious essentials:
    run dmc- peter piper
    sugarhill gang, etc
    genius of love, blah blah blah
    egyptian lover (just in case)
    mary j. blige- real love (hip hop mix)

    on the my boo tip:
    aaliyah- one in a million (wolf d's big bass mix)
    debbie deb, freestyle hits, miami bass
    dynamix II- just give the dj a break

    if i was at this party i would want to hear:
    x-visitors- the planet doesn't mind
    mongo santamaria- we got latin soul
    loose joints- is it all over my face

    saying goodbye:
    wings- goodnight tonight (again, hittin' that nostalgic, cheesy, anything goes vibe)

    ok...none of these really make any sense together. i'm sleepy and random access memory at this time to the brain is pretty unreliable but these are just a few songs i dig/fun stuff/easy/accessible

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    AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money

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    AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money

    I don't leave the house w/o this record.

  • GnatGnat 1,183 Posts
    appreciate the advice...keep em coming.
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